TRPH PRESENTS: Targeted (E4) – Guest, Moe Hope of

Targeted – Episode #4 – Guest, Moe Hope of


Episode #4 of targeted is out. Kristen D Manners and “V” interview Moe Hope about the TI community project that we all should be helping to develop …

Everyone can and should contribute something in order to help get us all from out and underneath the weight of the oppressive covert crimes being perpetrated on us by the sick self serving parasitic system that we blindly support with our tax dollars.

Its time to get mad. Its time to get mad and say,

Revolution is coming, but if you want a peaceful one, this will be only one of a handful of opportunities that you will ever see in our current times. Get active and get political.

Making progress! Moving Forward! Our Successes! Our TI Community!

Let’s take a moment to reflect on our recent successful activities as a single, international TI Community. Please take a moment to read our list of successes and add any other community successes that are not listed here.


  • We orchestrated the TI Community’s first international, coordinated #TargetedToo campaign, which leveraged NBC’s investigative journalism and is now used a common template for future #TargetedToo campaigns.

  • We ran a subsequent #TargetedToo campaign directed at key US Senators.

  • Related to #TargetedToo, we have released an article on why #TargetedToo is important and how any TI can run their own successful #TargetedToo campaign.

  • We have created high-level overviews of the TI Community Model For Success and have gotten a solid number of supporters.

  • We have created relevant Facebook groups and group chats to support the TI Community Model For Success.

  • We have an agreed upon TI Community-wide Vision, Mission, Objectives, and Strategies document.

  • We have recruited a solid number of TIs to help with the Coordinating Committee.

  • We have created a Coordinating Committee Sign Up Form to understand the objectives and strategies that Coordinating Committee members are interested in.

  • We are making steady gains in the number of TIs willing to help with our Action Committees.

  • We have created an Action Plan Committee sign up form to understand the Objectives and Strategies that members want to focus on.

  • We launched a successful V2K survey that has close to 100 respondents.

  • We launched a successful TI Community Contact Form that has over 100 respondents.

  • We have engaged the international TI Community to create the first ever TI Community Ambassador program.

  • We are making continued progress aggregating useful TI articles and videos.

  • We have created several articles focused on explaining TI to non-TIs and enlisting non-TI help.

  • We have updated the website to be more TI Community focused.

  • We have begun to create the first two surveys of the comprehensive TI Lives Before and After Targeting survey series.

  • We have shared the TI Community Model For Success message with the TI Community in three different podcasts/interviews.

  • We have determined our web conferencing solution for meetings.

  • We have created the agenda for the first Coordinating Committee meeting and scheduled the first meetings.


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