TLBTV: Who’s Calling the Shots? – ‘Tuskegee Continues – Is Vaccination a Civil Rights Issue?’

With Special Guest, Health Activist Sheila Ealey

TLBTV: Who’s Calling the Shots? – ‘Tuskegee Continues – Is Vaccination a Civil Rights Issue?’


Welcome to episode #3 of ‘Who’s Calling The Shots’,

Today we present an interview with Sheila Ealey, Co-Founder of Texas Medical Freedom Alliance, and former Director of a New Orleans faith based school serving children with severe Autism Disorder. Sheila is also the mother featured in the documentary, Vaxxed: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe with her twins Temple and Lu.

Sheila Ealey is interviewed by USHC Reporter Stephanie Stock. Sheila speaks to the issues of vaccination, the high rates of infant mortality, and how the staggering rates of autism are being addressed by and in black communities.

  • Did experimentation on black people end with Tuskegee?
  • Is mandatory vaccination a civil rights issues?
  • How can we educate people to the dangers and risks so that we change the conversation?

ACTION ALERTS with Stephanie Stock.

  1. Call your State Legislators Office, the Health and Human Services Department, the Department of Justice and The President.
      1. Tell them you have a Civil Right to decide what is injected into your and your children’s bodies.
      2. Tell them the US ‘Nuremberg Code’ is supposed to protect them. It provides for your full, informed consent, and that needs to be provided to you without collusion, of hiding or minimizing drug side effects. And not under coercion, in emotional or financial duress.
      3. You believe when there is any risk, there must be full, informed consent and freedom of choice.
  2. Find a Medical Freedom Organization in your State, contact them and get involved. USHC – Medicines/Vaccines Directory Page
  3. To contact your State Legislators phone number. Go to Find My Reps
Sheila Lewis Ealey and Stephanie Stock – Ohio Legislative Black Caucus Event

After the early diagnosis of a vaccine injury for her son at 18-months, Sheila educated herself in the different educational modalities that might help her son and others like him. For the last 10 years, she co-founded and became the director of a faith-based school in New Orleans for children with severe autism disorder. Currently, she is a resident of Texas and co-founder of Texas Medical Freedom Alliance. She is a public speaker, a mentor, and presently completing a doctorate in special education.

Watch this informative presentation …

Upcoming EPISODE 4 Sneak Peak:

Are Elected Officials Public or Corporate Servants? House Resolution 327’

Take a look for yourself, listen to what they say,

The scientific and medical communities agree – vaccines are both safe and effective and there is no evidence to suggest that vaccines cause life-threatening or disabling diseases,” said Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Ca)

Vaccines have been proven to be safe and are an important tool in fighting the spread of disease and saving countless lives,” said Rep. Tom Marino (R-Pa).

Everyone knows all drugs can come with dangerous and life threatening side effects, which can outweigh the benefit of taking them. The medical and scientific community agrees medicine is not a one size fits all solution and to say differently would be negligent and dangerous. Taking away doctors and citizens medical freedom to choose what is best for the patient, without financial coercion or force is guaranteed to the people in the US Nuremberg Code. So, are these newest acts and laws for corporate profit or health?

• What is driving 30 plus elected officials to co sponsor a resolution that says all vaccines are safe for everyone, and in unlimited amounts? Is it okay for this mentality to pave the way for a one size fits all dangerous Mandatory Adult Vaccination Bill?

• Are you confident in your elected officials ability to support your health choices?

• Are you confident they can resist pharma’s powerful lobby money with a push for even greater profits?

• Do you feel elected officials are educated about the reality of the growing devastating harm 6 million American families suffer acquiring each year from vaccine side effects?

• What are the dangers to you and your family if the proposed US House Resolution 327 passes?

Are you willing to allow govt and big pharma to eliminate your access to information about vaccine side effects? Manufacturer’s current paper inserts inside each box includes these vaccine side effects: Peanut and Other Allergies, Arthritis, Auto-Immune Diseases, Brain Swelling, Sudden Infant-Teen-Adult-Senior Death, Eczema, Encephalomyelitis, Regressed Cognitive Function, Flu-Like Symptoms, Infertility, Loss of Speech, Rashes, Seizures and more.

Hear from The United States Health Consortium Multi-Disciplinary Panel in a discussion with questions about the information stated in House Resolution 327 on Vaccines, and hear the questions they pose to the sponsors and supporters. Decide for yourself if they are Public or Corporate Servants.

See the USHC Resolution Response HERE!

Panel Discussion Moderated by Wendy Silvers.

Panel Members:

  • Biomedical Researcher Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, Former Government Cancer and Vaccine Researcher Dr. Judy Mikovits.

  • Vaccine Rights Attorney Alan Phillips and Law Researcher Travis Middleton.

  • Families of Vaccine Injury.

  • Special Needs Educators.

  • House Resolution 327 Sponsors and author Adam Schiff, D-Ca Burbank are all invited to join us!


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