TLBTV: Who’s Calling The Shots? – ‘Silenced No More – Eyewitness Accounts.’

Who’s Calling The Shots? – ‘Silenced No More – Eyewitness Accounts.’


Welcome to episode #2 of ‘Who’s Calling The Shots’,

Hosted by the US Health Consortium.

Stephanie Stock, USHC Reporter

VAXXED Movie Producer and VAXXED Touring Bus Story Collector, Polly Tommey (Right), USHC Reporter Stephanie Stock (Left)

VAXXED Touring Bus visits towns across America and has over 6,000 vaccine injured children and adults names written on the outside of the bus.

About 6 million vaccine injuries go unreported each year.

Listen in to this captivating Interview with Polly Tommey, producer of the Movie Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, and leader of the VAXXED Bus Touring throughout America’s towns. Polly shares her travel journey, giving a voice to the silenced doctors, parents and families.

Watch this informative presentation …

USHC Reporter Stephanie Stock interviews Polly along with parent eyewitness accounts at their VAXXED Community Event in Dayton, OH.

Polly knows life living with the damaging side effects after her child’s vaccination, and travels the country collecting accounts from parents of their children’s long term vaccine side effects. They all share a common theme, ‘Their child was fine, then they were not.’

Mom shares her incredible story about her daughter, and how Doctors were not allowed to react, speak or report her daughter’s injury.

In most cases, if pharmaceutical drugs are causing brain damage, disabilities, death, and more, they are pulled from the market. However, a lax vaccine injury reporting system (VAERS) may be to blame, with less than 1% of vaccine injuries and deaths being reported. Thus, everyone believes vaccination is without harm, however there are almost 6 million unreported side effects ranging from allergies, eczema to brain damage and death.

Listen in and hear their stories. Be sure to stay tuned in at the end of the hour for an important USHC Action Alerts.

A Mom visiting the VAXXED Bus Visit in Dayton Ohio shares her story about her son.


(1) Read the Vaccine Manufacturer’s Paper Insert before giving your full informed consent to a medical procedure. (See Nuremberg Codes of protection). Look for manufacturer inserts in our Resources Directory on our web-site,

(2) Be aware of the vaccine side effects including short term, long term and lifelong side effects, including SIDS death, and know how to report them.

NVIC: If You Vaccinate, Ask 8! What You Need to Know Before & After Vaccination

NVIC: Report Vaccine Reactions. It’s the Law!

VAERS: Report an Adverse Event

(3) Watch “Vaxxed” The Movie: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, and pay special attention to the action items at the end of the movie.



‘Tuskegee Continues. Is Vaccination a Civil Rights Issue?’

Stephanie Stock interviews Sheila Lewis Ealey, an educator in the vaccine injured black community, and co-founder of Texas Medical Freedom Alliance .

Hear how the issues of vaccination, the CDC Whistleblower, higher rates of infant mortality, and how the staggering rates of autism are being addressed by and in black communities.

Did experimentation on black people end with Tuskegee?

How similar is the issue of mandatory vaccination to other civil rights issues?

How can we change the conversation?”

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