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With Guest - Holistic Health Practitioner - Summer Boger

United States Health Consortium Presents

Special episode of – Who’s Calling The Shots – With Guest, Summer Boger

Season 2 Episode 1: Remove Heavy Metals & Detoxify Your Cells for Better Health

“Creating Healthy Families”


Summer Boger, Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP), has spent thousands of hours studying the core foundations of health since her early teens. She graduated from Mueller College of Holistic Studies in both their Eastern and Western programs and has been in practice since 1999. She studied at Mueller College of Holistic Studies with a vision of working with prenatal and postnatal mothers. She married in 2000 and had two children. Summer is an expert in her field of cellular health and detoxification. She has always been passionate about getting to the root cause of any disease or problem. This is how she started her wellness center offering cellular wellness therapies that addresses disease at the core, within the cell, clearing both emotional and environmental factors. Through her experiences with families she also saw the need for public outreach educating families about their individual rights and how they can protect them. Summer Boger has been recognized twice by Senator Joel Anderson for her outstanding service and unyielding dedication to educating the public about important issues that affect overall health and wellbeing of families and students in San Diego.

Toxicity from environmental influences and hereditary factors can overwhelm the body and brain. This accumulation of heavy metals and foreign matter causes an inflammatory response in the body and the ensuing inflammation can be difficult to remove. Inflammation is unhealthy, disrupting the functioning of the body and brain, causing a whole host of inflammation causing diseases.

Cellular Inflammation

Cellular Inflammation creates an environment ripe for malfunctions of the body, weakening the systems making it easier for illnesses to take hold. Major illnesses associated with inflammation includes cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular, neurological diseases, autoimmune diseases, arthritis, pulmonary diseases and Alzheimer’s disease.

Contaminants from the air, water, food, medicine and vaccines get trapped in the cells affecting the body’s entire terrain and ability to detoxify and function normally. Removing these contaminants poisoning the systems is possible through a cellular detoxification program. Once toxins are removed, the body and brain works to re-balance themselves towards normal function.

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Summer Boger HHP’s Favorite Detoxification Drops, CytoDetox is part of the 90-day Detoxification Program and is only available through qualifying Health Practitioners as part of a Detoxification Program.

Summer Boger HHP’s 3-Month Detoxification Protocol

To safely remove toxins, a well rounded detoxification program overseen by a qualified practitioner, supporting you throughout the process is best.

Includes Everything You Need!

If your environment has been filled with toxins, or you have BRACA, MTHFR or many of the other gene mutations where your cells don’t detoxify well, or if you are forced to vaccinate and will be taking in mercury, aluminum, retroviruses, and other caustic antigens, it’s best to begin this protocol as quickly as possible.



  • Remove inflammation-causing contaminants trapped in your body and brain.
  • Watch your inflammation numbers and waist size decrease!
  • Feel the rebalance through greater clarity, energy, happiness and more!

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