The Red Pill Hardcore (TRPH) Presents: Family Case Files … Pilot Episode

Ladies and gentleman, instead of your regularly scheduled show THE RED PILL HARDCORE TV Show, we here at The Truthpharmacy Productions are proud to present our new show FAMILY CASE FILES this is also hosted by our very own daring and well known activist/journalist V. V has decided to continue on breaking the mind control psyop that is being used against the good people of our nation perpetrated by the majority of the government which is corrupt.

As V has explained before in in TRPH that the government uses trauma based mental manipulation to form new obedient and subservient subjects. In other words MK-Ultra which our own domestic terrorist organization, the Central “Intelligence” Agency had developed to use on its own people. This operation leaked which brought about the Church Committee hearing putting the CIA under the inquisition of a group of politicians.

Although most of the evidence and documentation was destroyed by the CIA themselves and cowardly avoided their well deserved criminal prosecution for treason, they were found to be guilty of misconducts of various natures which ended their criminal operation and black budget funding which came from you the tax payers.

The thing about the documentations that were shredded is that these documents described social engineering operations that would allow government intervention and greater oversight of the population as a whole. That’s right, mind control/assassination was not the only desired outcome of these badge wearing secret society pedophile cults. From their countless child abductions and sick experiments they did monitor the handling of the parents and family members. The Feds did this with overwhelming results.

It is seriously effecting especially when dealing with honest government officials, wealthy people, business owners, and people of special knowledge/interest. This is how they are all kept in line and how whislteblowers are punished as many COINTELPRO agents, operatives, and informants collaborate making the invisible net that ensnares those that become targets.

All of the Federal agencies do this till this very day. They know that if they wanted to control the people then they would have to control the children. This very criminality had been planned to be implemented into almost every part of the vital infrastructure that we depend upon which is why the public court system has now joined in the “black bag kidnap and gag” business. It is a business after all.

Between the all the rich and power pedophiles, the people who are struggling to survive, the doctors, lawyers, police, and the kidnapping services, traffickers, there is a lot of money to be made. The court is not interest in your rights to have life, liberty, happiness, and above all any justice. This is now the system and welcome to the FAMILY CASE FILES.


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Parting Shot … It’s time to put an end to this Tyranny !!!


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