TLBTV: TRPH PRESENTS – TARGETED (E6) – Guest, T.I. – Guy Potter

THE RED PILL HARDCORE PRESENTS: TARGETED – Episode #6 – Guest, Targeted Individual – Guy Potter


Today’s episode of Targeted features Guy Potter and is presented by your Hosts Kristen D. Manners and “V”.

Guy has been a victim of organized stalking for over 35 years.

Although Guy has been able to sustain a job and is an incredibly hard worker he has had to deal with horrible V2K and mind control for this entire time making it very difficult for him to live a normal life.

Guy has interruptions of sleep which is very common in the T.I. community. Nightmares and has had difficulty concentrating.

Guy has also had his Family severely impacted by his Targeting . Family relationships are some of the most widely used weapons by PERPS in gaining control over Targeted Individuals. Most Targeted Individuals like Guy end up loosing their families and are left alone and isolated to deal with this horrible torture.

I consider Guy , however, to be a success story in this community. For as long as he has been a Targeted Individual and has had to deal also with the Psychiatric Community , he has still managed to maintain a pretty normal life.

This is one Targeted Individual that I can say I am proud of for being able to take this for as long as he has and still be a decent man …


Watch this thought provoking discussion …


Please share this episode and all others as we continue to spread the word about Organized Stalking.

Thank you, Kristen D. Manners
Host of Targeted.


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