TLBTV: TRPH PRESENTS – TARGETED (E5) – Guest, T.I. – Ben Sullivan

TRPH PRESENTS: TARGETED – Episode #5 – Guest, Targeted Individual – Ben Sullivan


Ben Sullivan is our Guest today on Targeted.

Ben is currently homeless, literally in the streets as a result of severe targeting, torture, attempts on his life and what he claims to the ‘THEFT OF HIS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY’! Physics, Science and his Discoveries. Ben also believes that his Daughter has been molested …

Ben has been denied Representation by any and all Legal Professionals and is currently seeking assistance in obtaining Legal Counsel for these matters.

As with many Targeted Individuals, Ben has run into opposition when trying to find Counsel because far too often Lawyers are paid off, threatened or flat just don’t have the guts to take on these issues.

One very interesting note on this Targeted Individual is that Ben is a natural born genius.. Literally a man who’s IQ is so profound that it would boggle the mind of most normal people. But yet, as with many Targeted Individuals, Ben has been labeled as having a ‘ SEVERE MENTAL ILLNESS ‘ !

This is all too common in the T.I . Community as Mental Hospitals are now being used as the new form of jail. Placing a permanent mental illness label on someone can harm them far greater than anything else you could ever do to them. Ben is living proof of this …


Watch this dynamic presentation …

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