TLBTV: TRPH PRESENTS – Family Case Files (E3) – The BIG PHARMA Connection …

With 2 Special Return Guests - Judge Julie Ketterman & Debra Carras

TRPH PRESENTS – Family Case Files (E3) – The BIG PHARMA Connection … With 2 Special Return Guests – Judge Julie Ketterman & Debra Carras


Welcome back to Family Case Files episode #3 with our two return guests. 

Even though this show was originally scrapped because of the corrupt federal agents monitoring our progress and communications working behind the scenes threatening any judge, lawyer, and even paralegal who would work with us, we got it going again.

How do we plan to continue with all the cowardous whispering behind our backs? Well we put out the pilot episode and got the attention that we needed from other family rights activist who themselves have legal support and connections. Therefore V will be having many rotating co-host and legal reps to help him get down to the nitty-gritty. We are rallying up a coalition of the willing to take on the pedophilic MK-ultra family courts as organization after organization is stepping up to the plate.

Judge Julie Ketterman who is a wonderful woman and a social justice warrior for the people’s cause and is featured in this episode. She has been with us for 3 recording and we were blessed to have her for as long as we did. V came with his A game and so did she in a marvelous display of truth speaking.

So yes, this is episode 2 of “FAMILY CASE FILES” which was produced late last year, but hey it’s new to you. V and Judge Julie Ketterman are joined by our pilot episode guest Debra Carras. Debra is a returning guest because her case is so horrendous and is the very model of what happens when someone gets completely victimized by the system.

The discussion presented here is about how the family courts use false claims of mental illness, and their contracts with BIG PHARMA to medicate not only the children but to drug the parents too using it as a crutch to leverage children away from their otherwise right thinking parents.

This show is new (this is only our 3rd episode) but is being heavily censored right out the gates, So we know were are tapping on a few nerves. Please join us in exposing the true and greatest perpetrators of child trafficking on the planet. The tag team duo Child Protective Services and the unconstitutional family court system.


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If you are looking for an honest lawyer to represent you, we would suggest Attorney Julie Ketterman from Ketterman, Hedlesten & Amann, PLLC. See contact information below:

  • Phone: 713-652-2003
  • email:
  • facebook: JAKetterman


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