TLBTV: The Truth Will Set You Free – Great Leadership Is Crucial to the Success of Collective Goals.

With Guest Author, Speaker, Educator & Veteran - Dr. Elvis Epps

The Truth Will Set You Free – Great Leadership Is Crucial to the Success of Collective Goals – With Guest Author, Speaker, Educator & Veteran – Dr. Elvis Epps


By TLBTV Show Host: Linda D. Wattley

Most needed is amazing leadership in our educational system. My guest, Dr. Elvis Epps, is a veteran of the United States Navy where he served for twelve years.

Though the Navy met with great challenges of perfecting leadership, becoming a principal proved to be even greater because children’s lives depended on high-quality leadership grounded in wisdom and heart.

Dr. Elvis Epps emphasizes it is his love and commitment to his wife of 28 years, Lauri and their two daughters Lia and Lauren that proved to be the most humbling and rewarding journey he has ever encountered. He is currently the principal of Lake Worth Community High School and has been in the field of education for more than 23 years.

He has been a special guest on Oprah’s XM Radio Network where he discussed topics such as Bully Prevention, Creating Safer School Climates and Maintaining a Happy Home. Dr. Epps is a certified Executive Coach, Trainer, Author, and Speaker who provides workshops and presentations to school, district, community leaders offering strategies and examples to help leaders meet their goals.

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About the Host: Linda Wattley has a lot to say about a lot of things, but sharing “truth” is her passion. You will find this enthusiastic and face full of smiles show host also a proud veteran of the United States Army. She was born in Akron, Ohio and attended the University of Akron majoring in Psychology.

Having a background like that conveys just how much insight she has, but with her there is much more! She is also an author of “Soldier with a Backpack” and “Living and Dying Simultaneously,” which in turn thrust Linda to become a nominee for the “Best in Non-fiction” during the African American Literary Awards Show in 2016.

Linda has dedicated time to learning and helping soldiers and veterans manage Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as well as, being a registered member and speaker of “RAINN,” an organization supporting and encouraging victims of sexual assault. The main priority in her life, however, is God. With God leading her way, Linda has been able to be instrumental in assisting others.

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