TLBTV: The Red Pill Hardcore – Trouble at the Border

With Guest - Ex-Military, Researcher & Activist - Pete Lopez

The Red Pill Hardcore – Trouble at the Border – With Guest – Ex-Military, Researcher & Activist – Pete Lopez

Words from this week’s guest Pete Lopez:

I was Born and raised in New Jersey, I’ve always been a nature and animal lover I spent as much time as was possible for a kid in the city. I have Family with a place near the Poconos which I would visit regularly. I enjoyed gaming, skating, skiing etc like any normal teenager, from there I Joined the US Marines as a aviation mechanic.

It was in the military that I first saw with my own eyes the state of the world and our role in it. When a good friend abruptly quit and burned his uniform I wonder why and started to research and found out many things I didn’t like or agree with. Military’s and certain third world countries are some of the biggest polluters responsible for a lot of the pollution plaguing our ecosystem.

I have read that corrupted big business, certain members of the US military industrial complex, three letter agencies, the Vatican and other occult-ed powers are causing this poverty, violence, economic sanctions and pollution by design all over the world. The same poverty, violence and economic sanctions that have been artfully and slowly engineered to cause the migrant crisis all over the world today.

I don’t know how much of it is true but I process it like I do every other piece of information. I try look at the bigger picture and reason. Trying to find the truth at or around the middle ground of what we, as a connected global culture, hear see and feel. This is what I try and focus on through all my contact with the outside world, Whether it be here on the show or on my facebook pages. Some call it activism, others may call me a conspiracy theorist, neither offends or describes me completely or accurately. I am more than you will ever know…


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