TLBTV: THE RED PILL HARDCORE – The Hope & Unity Conference Highlights (Part 3)

THE RED PILL HARDCORE – The Hope & Unity Conference Highlights (Part 3)


Your Host: “V”

In this Series of Episodes of The Red Pill Hardcore V is highlighting the more known Targeted Individuals of the TI community from the Hope & Unity Conference organized by Allison Ireland in association with PACTS.

V was supposed to attend this conference remotely but “mysteriously” his internet was “unavailable” that day. Covert government censorship and sabotage as usual. But as usual they cannot stop the truth from coming out. You can’t send mentally psychopathic little morons to do a mans job, fortunately for us, that’s all the government employs in its intelligence services. It wouldn’t matter anyhow as no man can stand and win against the truth.

For accurate and official information about the conference we wanted to get the information from their site but this was not possible as either the website is hacked by the government as it kept crashing every 5 seconds or our computer was being remotely controlled and hacked which is often the case so here is the information from another site.

Click on image (above) to visit website

“Our goal is to bring together as many support groups, media shows, activism groups and organizations of targeted individuals, so we can work together and learn from each other and strategize on solutions to bring about change and end the suffering of hundreds of thousands of victims nationwide. The number of people experiencing electronic harassment and gang-stalking is growing exponentially daily.

People Against Covert Torture and Surveillance (PACTS) estimates there are currently 300,000 people being victimized by electromagnetic weapons and neuroweapons, often in combination with implants and covertly administered nanotechnology.

Our hope is to come together, to build, empower and educate the community on technology, resources and support, and as a unified front attempt to educate the public. As a result of this conference, we will be able to strategically fight for freedom and justice for the victims of targeted crimes. The goal of this conference is to unify all the groups worldwide and provide a knowledge and understanding of the program and the technology.

We also strongly encourage targeted individuals to bring friends and family for support and to educate the ones around them on what invisible crimes are being committed against them.


• Demonstrating the technology used for psychotronic voice to skull and discussing all known technologies and patents used in the psychological and physical torture of a targeted individual.

• Discussing the history of mind control technology and torture used on non-consensual innocent civilians.

• Introducing all current resources available to targeted individuals including conference calls, websites, blogs, social media pages, radio, TV, YouTube, podcast shows and local support group networks.

• Discussing activism opportunities, walks, letter writing campaigns, fliers, shirts, awareness campaigns, meet-ups, rallies and protests and other ways to raise awareness of this growing crime.

• Discussing scanning techniques and refer to private investigators who can scan for radio frequency identification, nanomaterials, and similar technologies in individuals.

• Discussing counter measures like shielding, psychological support, spiritual support and detox cleanses.

• Introducing legal action ideas including, collecting evidence, gathering affidavits and class action law suits.

• Discussing symptom survey created for the targeted community and enthusiastically supported by joint organizations with William Binney and J. Kirk Wiebe as advisers. This survey is intended to gather demographics, medically diagnosed and undiagnosed symptoms and other information related to what targeted individuals experience”

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