TLBTV: The Red Pill Hardcore – The Godfather of Truther Media

With Special Guest Vinny Eastwood

The Red Pill Hardcore – The Godfather of Truther Media – With Special Guest Vinny Eastwood


Your Host: “V”

“V” has a special guest on the show for his birthday. The one and only Vinny Eastwood of “The Vinny Eastwood Show.” Over the years of V’s career in truther media, Vinny has always been an inspiration to “V” and many others. This is Vinny’s personal agenda and we would like to share it with you all.

What’s New With Vinny Eastwood?

“Getting A Few Things Off My Chest.”


During the election I was helping the ALCP (Cannabis party) and after the election it appears there’ll be a cannabis referendum.

Due to a number of major players in the party leaving in the lead up to the election, I found myself in a position of responsibility as their webmaster, social media advisor, logo designer & campaign strategist etc etc etc.

These are responsibilities which at this pivotal moment in NZ’s cannabis history, I feel unable to walk away from. In the 2 months since ALCP has asked me to help, (2 weeks notice before election began)

I’ve redesigned every single web page they have, opened the flood gates for their social media so everyone can contribute, uploaded dozens of videos & created new youtube, patreon & paypal accounts.

My goal is to set up a sort of digital training program (in simple English):

• To help party members to use social media to spread their message,

• Offer commentary on important issues as we lead up to the 2020 election,

• Revamp the party’s image & help to better advertise its policies & principles so that people see it isn’t a 1 issue party.

• To get that cannabis referendum on the agenda ASAP!

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Vinny continues …

I’m still suffering the effects of being arrested for cannabis over a decade ago,

Being arrested caused my first panic attack and ever since then,

I’ve been living with painful physiological and psychological problems daily,

The law caused that harm, not the cannabis.

Ironically, cannabis helps me with the symptoms,

But, sadly the black market economy has no assurance of:

• Quality,

• Safety,

• Price,

• Quantity,

• Supply,

Heck, I’m Vinny Eastwood,

Captain Aotearoa,

But despite having been involved in cannabis activism for a decade,

I can’t find any,

Nor can I afford any if I could,

Because my wife’s been sick for years with multiple surgeries and can’t work full time,

The reality is, that without cannabis, I have no quality of life,

It makes it hard to do basic things that ordinary people take for granted.

A realization hit me,

If this is how hard it is for me,

What the heck has everyone else been going through?

And what about the people who are REALLY sick?

What about the people who are dying?

What about their loved ones who have to see them go through it?

I mean, I can ‘technically’ survive without it,

It just means that my life and that of my wife who has to be around me turns to sh*t,

And doesn’t feel worth living.

But for some people in this country,

Each day they’re forced to watch their loved ones suffer and die.

And why?

Because we are all waiting till the 2020 election for a non-binding referendum that the government can just say no to.

Nor is waiting another 100 days for Labour to approve medical cannabis,

That’s like saying “hey have a happy Christmas suffering and dying kiwis, we’ll see you in the new year!”

Maybe I’m being cynical,

But that’s just because I’m in pain,

It also might be that after closely watching every election for the last 10 years,

I’ve learned to not trust what any politicians say,

And only trust their track record,

Namely because every one of their track records includes lying and undermining NZ’s national sovereignty.

So my general rule is if what they’re saying sounds good,

Then I’ll believe it when I see it,

But if it sounds horrible,

I believe it immediately.

So what can I do to change this situation?

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Well, I can continue to help the ALCP put up their press releases and manage their social media.

After all, by 2020, if cannabis is already legal,

Then the party will have no reason to exist,

And I can go back to my “normal life” exposing scumbaggery.

However, I am also burdened by my main responsibility to my listeners and supporters,

whom I feel I have neglected.

I don’t want to do this,

I want to relax,

I’m supposed to be on holiday,

I need to make some money,


We’re THIS CLOSE to getting it legalized and I’m literally in THE position to help the party that’s been fighting this issue for 21 years!

Despite an orchestrated campaign of omission by the media to keep ALCP out of polls and debates,

Out of all the tiny parties that stood no chance of getting 5%,

The Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party got the most votes!

Could really use your support folks.

Please help me,

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Vinny Eastwood


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