TLBTV: The Red Pill Hardcore – Secret Society Covert Science

With Presenter, Dr. Matthew Aaron

The Red Pill Hardcore – Secret Society Covert Science – With Presenter, Dr. Matthew Aaron


Your Host: “V”

This week on THE RED PILL HARDCORE “V” explains that the show will have pre-recorded material over the next few weeks as us members and staff of the show are being electronically harassed through government sponsored cyber-terrorism and sabotage. This cyber-terrorism includes the hacking of our computers and our guest computers which make it impossible to record any episode.

The other aspects in which we are being cyber bullied is that any and all of our social media accounts are being censored and shut down without any warning or communications from these social media networks which is a strong indication of the outside hacking. We are shifting through and organizing our regularly collected evidence for a mounted legal assault on all of those involved.

Also “V” has joined up with the efforts of the Targeted Individual fight and will be assisting with the 1st hopeful Targeted Individual lawsuit in the world’s history and bringing you the viewers correspondents and up to date information on that when it starts.

The information given in this episode is the full presentation by Dr. Matthew Aaron that no one has seen outside the Hope and Unity conference in Boston last year.  This was something “V” promised to get for you the viewers. This presentation is extremely comprehensive and will further help those seeking the truth to get closer to the science involved in the world’s invisible holocaust.

If any of this information seems surreal then please do your own investigation and help us bring justice to the victims of these cowardly crimes against humanity.

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