TLBTV: The Red Pill Hardcore – Protecting our Children … Our Future!

With Return Guest, Family Court Lawyer, Whistleblower & Activist - Judge Julie Ketterman

The Red Pill Hardcore – Protecting our Children … Our Future! – With Return Guest, Family Court Lawyer, Whistleblower & Activist – Judge Julie Ketterman


On this episode of The Red Pill Hardcore V has a return guest Judge Julie Ketterman who is a family lawyer and anti-CPS.

There is a major issue with the US government and child trafficking. They claim to want to help families by removing children from their homes instead of taking every measure to keep families together.

Family counseling, job placement for parents who can’t provide for their children, re-education parenting classes, anger management, resource management, and other useful options are usually never on the table. Why not? Our tax dollars pay for it all. The reason is simple really, the government is not interested in fixing families.

Instead they are only interested in kids for cash …

Moving children from their homes is huge business and they are all about the money which helps to financially enslave the population through psychological trauma. This ideology which stems from C.I.A. social engineering means. Judge Julie Ketterman and V are doing their best to not only expose this failure of authoritative human practices and help the victims of this parasitic governmental establishment for the hopes of our children to have a better future.

There is no better future for a child that can be had than for the child who grows up with their parents and families, who are truly doing the best for their children by society’s standards and not the government’s.

Judge Julie Ketterman will be featured in the first 3 episodes of the upcoming TV show “Family Case Files”. This new show will hold up the standards of this show, and will be engaging with activism into the legal politics that need a big spotlight shown onto it. As we all know, the squeaky wheel gets the oil. That or the recycling bin for the old rusty Tin Man that is no longer cutting it for us.


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