TLBTV : The Red Pill Hardcore – NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart & V Issue Warning to Treasonous Feds

The Red Pill Hardcore – NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart & V Issue Warning to Treasonous Feds


With Your Host: “V”

Karen Stewart, whistleblower and former Intelligence Analyst with the NSA, in relaying her personal story of retaliation at the NSA, described a systematic program of stalking, COINTELPRO, and covert oppression with directed-energy weapons that she says she, like numbers of other “Targeted Individuals” are now experiencing, in deadly programs of retaliation and experimentation initiated by Intelligence agencies.

Ms. Stewart, unlawfully fired after 28 years of experience with the NSA, and denied rightful promotions as well as full retirement benefits commensurate with her level, has initiated an EEOC lawsuit against her employer for discrimination. The entire story behind her termination, covered here earlier, involved both the wrongful crediting of a critical six-month series of Intelligence reports on “Operation Freedom” she authored, to much internal acclaim, to another NSA employee, as well as the uncovering of in-house promotions for sexual favors to upper management.

Karen Stewart, with companion and protector, Mariska, the Anatolian Shepherd

Her internal whistleblowing at the agency led to a series of events which included unscheduled psychiatric evaluation, aggressive verbal provocation just prior to a sudden polygraph evaluation, and dire threats of being turned over immediately to the FBI for investigation should she refuse this polygraph. The NSA polygraph examiner, Joe, had in fact “verbally ambushed (her), yelling threats and insinuations of guilt”. (She had then requested taking the polygraph another day with another, non-abusive polygraph examiner). More overt threats were made: The NSA Security psychologist threatened to review (over twenty years) of Ms. Stewart’s successful past routine psychiatric evaluations in order to “find a problem,” if she did not drop her request to the NSA Inspector-General to investigate the theft of credit of her work and the double promotion it garnered.

Since leaving the NSA, Karen reports stalking, surveillance, and house break-ins by NSA Security, and photo-stalking by personnel from the Navy Security Group whose headquarters were now co-located at Ft. Meade, Maryland with NSA Head Quarters, in the Directed-Energy Weapons Directorate.

Starting in late 2015, she reports being hit also by covert electronic-warfare Directed-Energy Weapons at her residence in Florida, a continuous 24/7 assault that began after a Twitter exchange about 9/11 with Bill Black, Jr., a former Deputy Director at the National Security Agency.

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