TLBTV: The Red Pill Hardcore – Morgellon’s Disease (Part 2 of 2)


The Red Pill Hardcore – Morgellon’s Disease (Part 2 of 2) – Information Presented by Kandy Griffin Vanderwalker


Your Host: “V”

This is the second (Part 2 of 2) episode of The Red Pill Hardcore TV Show featuring a favorite guest of V’s that appeared on the Red Pill Hardcore radio show. Kandy Griffin Vanderwalker had been alerted to the NSA mind control psyop manual by V, but due to extenuating circumstances V missed out on showing up at her conference to talk about this information.

But thankfully Ms. Vanderwalker did cover some of this vital material, and even more importantly she covered the dreaded Morgellons disease, something that affects millions of people world wide, and on an epidemic level. This scourge is being caused by nano-particles being dumped into our atmosphere by the corrupt new world order elitists.

These advanced weaponized covert materials raining down on us are slowly turning us into trans-humanistic robots for elitist control over the unwitting population of the planet, meant to serve the global cabal and the imperialistic international military industrial complex.

This video is part two of a two part presentation leading up to the The Red pill Hardcore TV Show returning back to its talk show format, but with new segments added to bring more variety to the show, to give all of you a much better viewing experience.

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