TLBTV: The Red Pill Hardcore – “MK Ultra Girl”

With Guest, Researcher, Writer, Speaker & Activist - Ellen Atkin

The Red Pill Hardcore – “MK Ultra Girl” – With Guest, Researcher, Writer, Speaker & Activist – Ellen Atkin


Ellen Atkin grew up in Ontario, Canada under the shadow of Trauma Based Mind Control against herself and her family. Now, 55 years on, she is the leading Aerial Photographer in Vancouver, BC. Her aim is to receive healing and remedy for herself and the rest of humanity caught in the snares of THE PROGRAM. It is time for an international law suit against the ongoing deep state programs that include torture, harassment and abuse against innocents. Can you imagine finding your young self pictured strung up like that meta tagged MK Ultra Girl? I didn’t think so. Then again, there is nothing new under the sun. And then it all made sense …

Ellen Atkin aka “MK-Ultra Girl” discovered herself in that famous picture in Oct. 2015 …

… 2 years before that she saw her mother in an old black and white film clip, getting electroshocked by Dr. Ewan Cameron, the infamous mind control scientist contracted by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

There is also a photo of her father as a young man in a hospital chair looking drugged with Joseph Mengele standing beside him.

Help us bring the case to the public. We are looking for support, awareness, media production, legal teams & engagement.

MK Ultra Girl: Discovery, Integration & Resolve is Ellen’s first book in production. Her next book, Juicy Bits: MK Ultra Girl’s Inter dimensional Beta Programming will follow.


Watch this mind bending discussion …


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  1. When it comes to mind control, there are other incidents which remain top secret, subject to major damage control, and concealment. As a unwitting human guinea-pig of Neurosurgeon Dr. Harold Joseph Hoffman of the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children, am shocked and traumatized, as to what took place Dec. 9,1969 at 14 years of age, after my mother, and other parents of epileptic children, were only informed of “scar tissue removal”, as to treat epilepsy. After the operation, I was suffering status epilepticus, and Hoffman holding my hand, yelling, Hang tough, get through this Terry, and you’ll be famous.” Took me a few decades to comprehend those words, yet after review of my records, can now relate. My records disclose a pathology report, listing various brain tissue resections, along with a diagram of a “left temporal lobe” brain tissue, which is not mentioned on the pathology report, and representing someone else’s brain tissue. Such tissue which appears to have been utilized for a unauthorized covert brain tissue transplant upon my person, when my Cat scan X-rays, demonstrate brain tissue in the resected areas, secured by 43 metallic implants in the cerebral cortex. Here’s the kicker, the only person on the planet whose left temporal lobe is unaccounted for, is JFK. This adds up, considering all the secrecy surrounding JFK’s missing brain tissue, and Dr. Hoffman’s covert brain surgical experimentation upon unwitting children who suffer epilepsy. We cannot have truth, justice, or liberty, if we cannot have honesty, transparency, nor accountability. We need to be reminded, that the very word secrecy, is repugnant in a free and open society, and we cannot afford to be complacent, while any individual’s rights are denied or abused. (Check out Terry Parker Jr on Facebook for info.)

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