TLBTV: The Red Pill Hardcore – Honey Traps & Human Trafficking

With Guest - Old School Activist, Jonnathan E. Triumph

The Red Pill Hardcore – Honey Traps & Human Trafficking – With Guest – Old School Activist, Jonnathan E. Triumph


Your Host: “V”

V asks old school activist Jonnathan E. Triumph to give us his chilling tale of being a victim of the “Honey Trap”.

Jonnathan Says:

As a child I excelled at music and art as well as academics. I started high school at 11 years old due to my intellectual aptitude. I attended a school for the performing arts where I won many prestigious awards for music and music composition. At this point I became a concert pianist. I was also engaged in singer songwriter activity. And started to write a lot of music both organically and electronically. In my later teens I got interested in alternative rock and joined several local bands. It was at this point in my life I found out about grateful dead culture and joined the psychedelic circus. I became involved in social activism in my early twenties. This lead me to a career in social work and social justice. I lived a fairly hedonistic care free life until my targeting began at twenty-seven years of age and was very much a free spirit and a gentle soul.

I was targeted as a result of revenge for turning in a pedophile from a connected family. I was never one to have faith in the social justice system but because a child was involved I had no choice. Despite my targeting, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Not long after this I started noticing local police following me around and trying to hit me with bogus fines and vehicle searches. One aggressive officer pulled me over and demanded a full search of my van because I had a suspicious looking bicycle in the back seat (Chuckle). Within a year of doing this I started being overtly gang stalked. I was followed everywhere, harassed, home invaded and felt like my life was in great jeopardy. My closest friends where turning their backs on me and starting to gaslight, threatening me for no apparent reason and performing street theater, which at the time I didn’t know what it was, it just felt like I was in a science fiction movie. Honestly I felt like I had entered the twilight zone.

I decided to ensure my family and my safety. I felt I had no choice but to move. I have an overwhelming feeling that someone was desperately trying to kill me.

And so, I secretly moved thousands of kilometers away thinking that my targeting would end.

Unfortunately, it never did.

I have since lived in three provinces, in locations that are thousands of kilometers apart and my targeting has followed me wherever I have gone. As the program has grown in Canada so has the level of harassment. Over time I was introduced to ELF assaults. I believe these started around 2011.

After slandering, isolating, defaming and stalking me for years without their anticipated success, they decided to set a honey-trap for me as a last-ditch effort. You see every time they destroyed a career or business opportunity, I would rise back up from the ashes and reinvent myself only to find the cycle repeat itself with workplace mobbing, deliberate and destructive slander and outright sabotage. Over the years I had reinvented myself as a social worker, junior executive at a corporate head office, professional musician working with a Grammy nominated artist, a business owner, and a chef. They destroyed every career, business opportunity, friendship and intimate relationship I have ever had.

I am a survivor and I learned to live and build a life as a loner. I lived vicariously through online friends setting up a truther channel on YouTube exposing church and political corruption, The NWO and many other topics the mainstream media failed to avoid. I learned to take pleasure in the little things and enjoy my family.

This infuriated them. There nefarious goal had been my total destruction. I believe they thought their course of action would lead me to suicide.

When all the above failed. The decided to set up a honey trap. They groomed a high level perp, had her study their files on me and become “my dream girl”. They also chose wisely, she was my ideal physical type a busty, good looking and sensual red head who was bright, witty and highly sexual. In reality she was a high functioning psychopath (clinically diagnosed with ASPD) who writes books on psychopaths under various pen names. She has more than one best seller. She is also published in the library of congress. I can’t imagine what she was paid to engage me in this pseudo relationship, but I’m sure it was astronomical.

She used every trick in her psychopathic arsenal to try to destroy my mind as she covertly went about running my life. I spent two and a half years with her in a PTSD induced stupor cause through gaslighting, cognitive dissonance, manipulation reasoning and overt emotional abuse.

During this time, she slept with my so-called friends, behind my back, seduced those closest to me, slandered and smeared my name through deflecting her own behavior on to me and the list goes on. She lived an hour and a half away so it was easy for her to live a double if not triple life.

When she left me she literally clocked out, dated, engaged in swinging placing and responding to ads on Adult friend finder, she utilized Twitter and engaged in all manners of hedonistic depravity. All in a deliberate attempt to cause me disrespect in the community.

She had caused me so much cognitive dissonance I could no longer reason. You’re probably asking yourself at this point how I could have been so naïve? The truth is not only was she extremely good at what she did, she was very good at keeping things secret. As a psychopath she had no conscience and there were genuinely no tell-tale signs of infidelity.

When we broke up my mind had literally turned to Jell-O from the abuse. She had caused me so much damage I was struggling with disassociation disorder, I no longer felt human.

She purposely set it up for me to find evidence of her infidelity. I reacted by sending her angry but non-threatening emails. Having my computer hacked she changed the emails took them to court and again smeared me having a restraining order put on me. Which by the way never kept her from stalking me, as she had been doing all along,

Then the hacking started to increase. All devices were hacked and completely toyed with. She was making sure links of her producing pornography with other guys were showing up on my computer, as well as an online diary describing how she had set me up and played me. It was quite detailed. During this time, she also wrote an article for Spankster Publications On how to use narcissistic abuse to force someone to suicide. This had been the grand design.

When it didn’t work they had me gang stalked hard.

In July 2017 I survived an assassination attempt on my life. Since we have broken up not only has she overtly stalked me but I have been gang stalked heavily by hundreds of others.

I have endured home evasions, poisonings, drugging’s (one of which I woke up to having my hand cut open by what would have appeared to be a scalpel or sharp knife), military planes fly over my home night and day even though I am not on a flight path and 40 kilometers from the base and around the same to the city airport, endless street theater, stalked by vehicles and foot patrol. Harassed by staff and health and safety officials. Truthfully I have been gang stalked by people from every age range and socio economic and ethnic group in society.

My 74-year-old mother has been made a TI to try to destroy me and cause me pain. She was poisoned and ended up in critical care where we were gang stalked by nurses and hospital staff. She is quite sick as she was denied a simple operation that would have saved her health. While she was taken for testing in critical care, two nurses put on street theater telling me that they were going to murder her. All the while people walking by the room saying “look at the human garbage in there” This is when my mother was dying. Since then they have tried to force her into accidents and out stalking has increased to an all time high … And yet I am happy, alive and well.

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