TLBTV: The Red Pill Hardcore – Giving Thanks … But For What?

With Guest, Retired Wild-land Firefighter, EMT & Native American Activist - Justin Keezer

The Red Pill Hardcore – Giving Thanks … But For What? – With Special Guest, Retired Wild-land Firefighter, EMT & Native American Activist – Justin Keezer

As American’s we always celebrate the genocide of the peaceful and proud Native American civilization. These good people have always gotten a bad rap for supposedly being vicious and barbaric by the O’ so civilized invaders that had nearly wiped them off the face of the earth.

Is it really thanks giving, or is it a thankless taking? Better yet an un-thanked takings?

I know that murdering and stealing is not a good name for a holiday in any just society. Unluckily for us the current victors have gotten in the habit of pronouncing days of mass deaths as Holy days, as they write the official history themselves.

With a holiday name like Thanksgiving, who is going to argue over the truth of the history behind it that is eventually forever lost in the memory of those who committed the crimes and their victims as well?

This inhumane tactic of the invading “civilized” people works so well that periodically they recommit similar crimes again and again to the same people seeing as no one in society really cares as the are already under the thumb of the same corrupt establishment having long forgotten what its like to be sovereign in their own right.

Big Oil’s greed is taking over the disenfranchising of the Native American people, finishing the job the U.S. Federal Government has been attempting to do since day one.

This subject is an important one to V being half Cherokee Indian himself and has his Minnesota Chippewa Tribe White Earth Nation (Anishinaabeg Ojibwe) brother Justin Keezer, on the show to talk about the atrocities happening against the sovereign people of this failing nation of so called freedom.

Justin Keezer is a father of 4 wonderful children and husband to the wise and knowledgeable former NASA intern and Anti-GMO/Monsanto activist Renee Walker who has been a guest on V’s radio version of this show.

Justin is also a retired Wild-land Firefighter and an EMT. Justin is currently fighting against Enbridges Line 3 and is working with grass-root groups to rebuild our nation. Please contact him and join the fight to protect his people’s sovereignty and to regain your own.


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