TLBTV: The Red Pill Hardcore – Exposing the Pedo Underground Railroad #1

With Steven D. Kelley as V's Guest Co-host & Tina Melo as their Special Guest

The Red Pill Hardcore – Exposing the Pedo Underground Railroad #1 – With Steven D. Kelley as V’s Guest Co-host & Tina Melo as their Special Guest


Independent news media such as ours is something of a miracle seeing how so many are pressured, shamed, blackmailed, and threatened into silence in the presence of criminal cultist and degenerate depraved authoritarian figures. Such harbingers of evil commit heinous atrocities against the very people they have fooled to accept the perverse conditioning of a rotten world that they constantly sell to us … as if it were sugar. Sugar coated spoils, and its just that … rancid … and corrupt.

The disingenuous words of reassurance from the lips of those pushing false promises does not make the consumption of their vileness any less dangerous, and still makes us all very sick. Still, do many notice? It seems as though people do feel that their is something wrong but are to indoctrinated into not being concerned about the ills of the world, feeding us even more dangerous placebo pills provided by their doctor shills that mask hidden insidious actions that are racking up the kills.

Now it is our children the corrupt cabal of the system are most lustful for. Their is not one government institution that exist that does not have the stench of kidnapping, molestation, and infanticide emanating from their very being. Accusations of victims who could be heard would fill every court house, police station, and agency if they were not falling down the step-less side of the ladder put before them. Why has the people been made to brace that ladder while the wicked and detestable stand at the top pouring the blood of other innocents on top of them? Baptism by blood is the devils initiation of subjugation. Those who brace the ladder must pull it down and cleanse those diseased perpetrators with a baptism of fire.

Please watch and share this episode of THE RED PILL HARDCORE TV Show as V uncovers the horrendous truths behind the world government’s involvement and motives behind the epidemic of state funded covert child sex trafficking. V is joined by the well known former NSA/CIA contractor and owner of TruthCat Radio, Steven D. Kelley as his guest co-host. Tina Melo and the hidden away “Tammy” return to the show giving their first hand account of being trafficked as well as their children. This special edition of the show is not for the faint of heart. View with care and compassion for these Victims who are still looking for their children with considerable manufactured difficulty as many attempts on their lives have been made. 

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