TLBTV: The Red Pill Hardcore – DHS Black Widow & the $3 Million Inheritance

With Special Guest - Robin McCandless

The Red Pill Hardcore – DHS Black Widow & the $3 Million Inheritance – With Special Guest – Robin McCandless


Your Host: “V”

Targeted Individuals come in all types of government persecution and victimization. As some may think of Targeted individuals as people who are tinfoil hat wearers who’s minds are being invaded with CIA voice weapon technologies but there are the other methods in breaking people and making them destitute. One such method is when corrupt government uses a city/county/state branch or agency specialized in helping the public with certain societal issues but instead uses that branch or agency to make the existing problems/issues worse. Often the government profits from these fraudulent corrupt practices as regular psychological operations backed by the courts that hide behind misinterpreted law and procedures that none of us every approved of, voted for, or even ever heard of.

In this episode of THE RED PILL HARDCORE TV SHOW, V covers a chilling story about a woman who has had her elderly father kidnapped by APS (Adult Protective Services) which is a division of the DHS (Department of Human Services). This woman, Robin McCandless, who is a family rights activist and Forensics Fraud Investigator has had many run-ins with the criminal social services and has to fight for her family, good name, and now her inheritance from her father which is worth over 3 million dollars and is having a hard time finding legal representation.

Her father married a known black widow who is backed by the government behind the scene and is aided in every way possible by these government employees and civil servants who betray their sacred oaths and obligations to serve justly for our united states tax paying citizens. This is a very common everyday illegal practice perpetrated by government officials which serve as a covert depopulation program and to widen the gap in between the middle class and the lower class stealing money and property that rightfully belong to the people. Not only is this human trafficking robbing people of their inheritance but its killing the elderly by way of poisoning, and neglect. The rich get richer and the victimized poor are left with no voice and no option.

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Robin McCandless is a member of the freedom rights activist groups called “The Women at War” and had made an appearance on the radio incarnation of the show 2 years ago advocating help for mothers dealing with the CPS family court corruption and children trafficking. This Episode can be found in the show’s archive at The Red Pill.

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