TLBTV: The Red Pill Hardcore – CPS Abolitionist Merissa Hamilton Runs For Governor

The Red Pill Hardcore (Episode #8) – CPS Abolitionist Merissa Hamilton Runs For Governor

WATCH THIS GREAT SHOW BELOW INTRO ARTICLE Editor: This show was originally scheduled to air on Friday September 29th at 12 noon Central … but sometimes a person, or their word is so antagonistic to those who would play god, that getting a show transatlantic can be a nightmare … But “V” eventually prevailed. We now present you this show as a TLBTV Special.

By: TLBTV Show Host: “V”

Merissa Hamilton is passionate about serving her community. She focuses her efforts on helping women in domestic violence or crisis pregnancy situations. She most recently, also, has helped families that have had their children unlawfully stolen from CPS such as “SAVE Braelon’s Family.


“Arizona has a long legacy of being that maverick place … the State that almost didn’t even become a State. I moved here 17 years ago, because I wanted to pursue my dreams in a place that gave me the freedom to thrive and create my own destiny. I persisted and created success for myself with the help of great friends and mentors. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out quite the same for all of my fellow citizens, often to no fault of their own.

Much like much of the rest of the nation, over time we forgot our legacy and adopted a very authoritarian, powerful State culture instead. In the process we have destroyed key foundations to a successful society like civility, family, children and parental rights, quality education, sufficient household income coupled with high taxation, healthcare affordability, and freedom to pursue your happiness and prosperity.

At every turn of innovation and progress, Government either gets in the way or halts it altogether and our citizens and children are paying for it. It’s time to change course!

I am running for Governor to create a new legacy for Arizona … To create a place that gives all of her citizens the ability to not just survive day to day, but the opportunity to thrive. A place that no matter where you come from, you are given the freedom to add value and succeed in whatever happiness it is you choose to pursue.

My priorities and vision address the REAL everyday issues that make life hard for you and working class families. Arizona, your State Government has left you behind, neglected your best interests and violated your liberty. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Arizona can still be a place where BIG dreams are accomplished.

It only takes a government big enough to protect you and simple enough to not get in your way. Together, we will restore opportunity to pursue prosperity and happiness to you, your family and Arizona.”

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Merissa Hamilton, Libertarian, Candidate for Governor, AZ



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