TLBTV: The Red Pill Hardcore – Collecting Targeted Individual Evidence

With Special Guest - Dr Matthew Aaron

The Red Pill Hardcore – Collecting Targeted Individual Evidence With Special Guest – Dr Matthew Aaron


Your Host: “V”

In this thrilling episode of THE RED PILL HARDCORE TV Show, V interviews a well known targeted individual who has made his rounds on the underground truther radio/podcast circuits and was a keynote speaker at the Hope & Unity conference held in Boston last year in October. V was also supposed to be a keynote speaker but had “mysterious” internet failure on that day. So instead we presented the conference on our show to make up for V’s absence. The conference can be seen in the archive so please view it if you missed it.

Dr. Matthew Aaron who is a neuro-biologist tells his tale of directed energy torture and gave witness to the character of the perpetrators. V goes on to ask him views on the chemtrail remote neural monitoring being done by the NSA. Lots of discussion about natural and artificial telepathic capabilities gave rise to the speculations and understandings of the technology that is being openly used today.

This episode sets the new standard of the new realization that Targeted Individuals may and can in fact collect evidence of their targeting. The invisible crime that leaves no finger prints is ruled a psyop within itself as their are numerous conceptual ways that can be implemented in gathering such evidence. These scientific methods can and must be explored and deployed for the sake of proving that these horrendous government crimes of remote directed energy weapon torture is being used widely. We urge all targeted individuals to get politically active and make such methods standard in our investigation if we are to ever see justice in the court room as our battle must be fought there before a bloody revolution breaks out. God knows that we are more than ready to do our part in any case.

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  1. Dear Sir, may I contribute in collecting evidences of electronic weapons torture by submitting to Your kind attention files from my in&outdoor videosurveillance in where You clearly see laser rays and other energy beams. I set it in Infrared vision and I give signals when I see lights spots or feel electrical pains or the rf detector goes in alarm. They correspond perfectly and utterly.
    I’ll attach some pics to the email addresses I find on here.
    Thank You so much

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