TLBTV: The Red Pill Hardcore – Christians, Guns & The NSA

With Special Guest, Author & Talk Show Host - Scott Hensler

The Red Pill Hardcore – Christians, Guns & The NSA – With Special Guest, Author & Talk Show Host – Scott Hensler


Your Host: “V”

In this cutting edge episode, we are blessed to have published Author and independent media radio host of the “Tin Foil Hat Club” blogtalk, Scott Hensler from the Tin Foil Hat Club. He is interviewed by V on the subject of NSA mind control within the church which has been used to create cults, gang-stalkers, and other mislead individuals across the country via illegal covert technology.

“Today we all face the great beast that has developed technologies that can make us think we are going crazy, possessed with demons and even become murderous to our own loved ones. Anyone who thinks they are immune to this technology may possibly be under psycho control or influence already. This is a problem for every man, woman, and child on the face of this planet. This technology is part of the coming beast system, which will and is being used to conform us through electronic torture means.” – Scott Hensler

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