With Returning Guest, Ford Taylor

RICK ON LIFE – THE SIX STEP APOLOGY! With Returning Guest, Ford Taylor


By TLBTV Show Host: Rick Amitin

I have always believed If you want to know how to do something you should study the people who are doing it. Ford Taylor is just such a guy. While achieving great professional success, Ford, experienced tremendous failure in his personal life. Refusing to allow his inner turmoil to define him, Ford rose to the top again with his private world in order.

Forget about theory and anecdotes, Ford lays out wisdom in simplistic practicality. He presents usable tools for the enrichment of personal and professional relationships. Ford travels the world delivering hope and healing that changes destiny for the individual or organization. Our lives can be rich and rewarding if we will make compassion our foundation.

Taking responsibility for our relationships is the remedy for what ails us. If we can realize there is something else to consider, and discover, we give our understanding the opportunity to grow. The reason behind our behavior is key to reshaping life into what we want it to be…what it should be. It’s not easy, but with the proper instructions, we can overcome all dysfunction.

The apology is a lost art…and key to affecting positive change. Ford gives us a six-step apology to ensure we obtain desired results in our relationships. People are imperfect by nature, but everyone can learn to care for themselves and others. Saying I’m sorry without sincerity does little to create peace and harmony. Not knowing how to apologize, even when we are sincere, can fall short as well. When we capture the intent of apologizing and engage in an effective method the payoff can be huge for everyone.

As the founder of (transformational leadership on demand), Ford has put together the finest training material I’ve ever seen. And, I’ve seen a lot of materials. Ford has graciously made available his online training program to the viewers of “Rick on Life” and a twenty percent (20) discount. When you go to you can sign up under TL Alumnus, put in the code: JFT20 to receive the discount. I’ve gone through the material myself and I greatly benefited.

Ford Taylor: Ford has developed the Transformational Leadership curriculum/training over the past 15+ years and has helped bring transformation to thousands of leaders across America as well as internationally. He is known as a man who can solve complex business issues, with straightforward practical solutions while maintaining his focus on the people that serve the organization. He has consulted and provided leadership training with Fortune 500 companies and international organizations. Ford also served as CEO of Brazos Sportswear Corporation, a $300M industry leading company and utilized this process as he acquired companies and management teams.

Ford launched an organization in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area for the purpose of unifying leaders across the region to impact and improve their local communities. He formed the FSH Group with business partners and consultants providing leadership training and strategic consulting. Individuals and teams achieve transformation by addressing and removing personal and professional constraints. He has been married to Sandra for 36 years and has three daughters: Whitney, Emily, and Quincy.

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My Parting Shot … WHAT IF? By Ford Taylor

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