TLBTV: Rick On Life – The Adoption Option

With Guest Author - Eduardo Quintana

Rick On Life – The Adoption Option – With Guest Author – Eduardo Quintana


With your Host: Rick Amitin

Four hundred thousand kids in the foster care system nationwide. 100,000 of them awaiting adoption. Each child traumatized on some level, Sometimes their stories are too dramatic to comprehend. Many of them brought into the world and immediately placed in harm’s way. Oftentimes, their plight going undetected until unimaginable mental, emotional, and physical damage occurs.

Who will love them? Care for them? Who will give them a home and sense of belonging? The plight of the fatherless, motherless, and sometimes both stripping their innocence from their lives. They’re entitled to love, compassion and understanding. They deserve a safe, secure, and nurturing environment. The basics of food, shelter, and clothing should not be luxuries.

The path to well-being shouldn’t seem so hopeless to their tender hearts. Fatherlessness is a pandemic. One in three kids is without their biological fathers in the home. Many times their fathers are not in their lives at all. The cases where the father physically or sexually abused them are too terrible to depict. At 18 to 21 years of age, they will be turned out to face a world with little or no further support. Ready or not they are released for additional devastation.

People like Eduardo Quintana and his wife provide an excellent example of stepping up to the plate. Unable to have children on their own, they adopted three boys. Their lives are uniquely blessed, no question about it. These boys are rescued from dire straits. And the Quintana’s are saved from the heartbreak of a life without children.

It’s a great story. One with an ongoing happy narrative. But sadly, there isn’t enough of these good stories to tell. The many tales of unmentionable hardship within the foster care system make the humanity in most of us cringe in anguish. Not all of us can foster or adopt children. For those who are willing and able to provide love and a home for a needy child are worthy of society’s highest praise.

There are certainly multiple ways to go about adopting a child or children. You’ve no doubt heard of scams and the often unbelievable cost associated with adoption, especially if you’re considering an overseas adoption. The good news is that there are many children right here in the United States who wait patiently for someone to want them. And, several agencies exist to facilitate adoptions at little to no cost. If you have been thinking of creating or adding to your family through adoption you have my respect… and my deeply held appreciation.

Eduardo is committed to the plight of the fatherless, the training of men for the responsibilities of fathering, marriage, and family life. His work at Manly Training is admirable. His heart of compassion is transparent and refreshing. If you’re looking to enhance your skills as a man, husband, and father I encourage you to connect with Eduardo. You can take advantage of his resources, interact with him on social media, listen to his podcast or pick up a copy of his book.

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Rick is an Ordained Minister, traveled extensively as an Evangelist, and Pastored several churches before embarking on his journey as a Transformational Life Coach. As a Certified Behavioral Analyst, with the Institute of Motivational living, Rick believes determining why we do what we do is critical to effecting positive change in our individual lives.

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