TLBTV: Rick On Life – Life in the Fiction Lane!

With Guest, Author Bibiana Krall

Rick On Life – Life in the Fiction Lane! – With Guest, Author Bibiana Krall


By TLBTV Show Host: Rick Amitin

Bibiana Krall is an accomplished author with every intention of doing even more. She is well on her way to her teaching degree in creative writing. Her books address not only the world as she sees it but also the world the way she wants it to be. Drawing on social narratives and real-life situations, Bibiana uses her creativity and writing ability to deal with trauma, challenge, and rising in power.

We eased into a very organic conversation about everyday life. In no time at all, anyone can see that Bibiana is one of those people who care’s deeply about others and is in touch with the many difficulties of life today. She is guilty of trying to make the world feel better with stories designed to have a positive impact in general and specifically to those who need something to grab onto.

We should not turn a blind eye to our collective challenges or stick our head in the sand. Writing and reading books that touch our sensibilities, common humanity, and encourage connection in real-time is good for all of us. As an author, Bibiana does not disappoint and her audience is growing.

Bibiana Krall holds an M.A. in Creative Writing from Wilkes University CW and is currently pursuing her teaching MFA in Fiction under the same program. She is a multi-genre Indie writer and devoted to her amazing family.

As a five-year-old child, she envisioned a map of her life. Little did she know that things don’t always go as planned. Yet in real life… there is no dress rehearsal. Words, dreams, and ideas running through her head one day became so loud, she picked up a pen and paper and hasn’t looked back since.

Equality for all is incredibly important to talk about and continue to strive for. She is a free-thinker, a protector, and advocate of connecting to the natural world and a lifetime supporter of the Arts.

When she is not writing, editing or reading, Bibiana enjoys the beach, mountain biking, traveling internationally and meeting the locals. She collects native art, shoes, unusual jewelry and exotic spices.

Engaging with other hard-working writers is important. She uses her writing blog to sound off about the challenges modern writers face, offering friendship, support and a chance to connect.

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One of Bibiana’s great books: Carolina Spirit is a southern coming of age novel that will inspire you! Recovering from loss, finding your strength again and the power to overcome emerges via a young woman’s voice, as she finds her way. Travel to the Deep South and meet Gracie, her best friend Gus and the ghosts of Indigo Road.  Watch short trailer below …


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