TLBTV: Rick On Life – Faith In the 21st Century

Rick On Life – Faith In the 21st Century (Part 1)


With your Host: Rick Amitin

For some faith is the cornerstone of their life. For others, faith is not only frowned on but ridiculed. Activists on both sides of the issue would like the privilege of having the final say on the matter. Both sides present their arguments with obviously self-satisfied convincement. Some believe in God in spite of mysteries, controversies, and unanswered questions. While others seem happy to dismiss the idea of God as superstition, fallacy, and utterly lacking in intellect and reason for even the smallest infraction.

This long-standing debate is nothing new. It appears to be woven into the fabric of humanity. What motivates us to believe or not believe seems to be more diverse than any other aspect of our lives. Some would say the only road to peace is to do away with all notions of God, or at least religious practice, and yet others see the pursuit of God as the only path to the promise land.

Whereas compromise is the perfect solution for many disputes it appears to be an unlikely suitor for bridging any gaps between believers and non-believers. My experience with all extremists is that they have decided against any further exploration. My compassion lies with people who are caught in the crossfire of ideologies. People, who would like a safe place to investigate, understand, and decide for themselves without the pressure to conform, one way or the other because it’s what is expected or demanded by some person or some group.

I see the decision about faith, as perhaps, the most important decision we individually must make.

Faith is not as mysterious as one might believe as it operates unconsciously in our everyday lives. Religious or not. We get on airplanes, drive automobiles, eat in restaurants, engage in financial transactions by exercising faith. But when we attach faith to God and spirituality some people feel as though you’ve crossed the line.

I get the mistrust associated with authoritarian and tyrannical religious examples for staying clear of notions about God. I’m also aware that human errors and abuses are often cited as reasons for denouncing any relationship with God as inauthentic and unnecessary.

Not to mention what many perceive as rampant hypocrisy among believers. Are the faults and failures of imperfect beings justification to throw God out with the human condition?


I’m excited to have the lovely and talented, Tami Dempsey as co-host this week.

Tami is an author and speaker. She has spent years dealing with her own B.S. (aka. belief system) and recognizing the pain caused by believing things that weren’t accurate.

We are friends and have known each other for over forty years. Her honesty about her own struggles with religiosity makes her contributions invaluable.

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Rick published his first book, If Only I Had a Dad: Finding Freedom From Fatherlessness, a Memoir in December 2016. He has also published a Companion Workbook of the same title. Rick is currently working on a book of inspirational and thought-provoking poetry as well as his second book.

Rick is an Ordained Minister, traveled extensively as an Evangelist, and Pastored several churches before embarking on his journey as a Transformational Life Coach. As a Certified Behavioral Analyst, with the Institute of Motivational living, Rick believes determining why we do what we do is critical to effecting positive change in our individual lives.

Rick is in the final stages of developing an online training platform to accompany his live events, and one-on-one coaching sessions. Rick has attended countless seminars and training programs in personal development and has acquired an awareness of the deep disconnection brought on by a lack of understanding of the principles of compassion, empathy, and love. Rick is an optimist and believes strongly that the key to peace of mind, and a more peaceful world is found in personal responsibility.

Rick is highly visible on social media websites and engages with his community regularly. Rick is a consummate mentor accepting the mission of sharing his insights for living a rich, rewarding, and fulfilling life. Rick is an avid researcher and is committed to being a life-long learner. In an ever-changing world, Rick remains a lover of people.

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