TLBTV: Rick On Life – Faith in the 21st Century (Part 2)

Rick On Life – Faith in the 21st Century (Part 2)


With your Host: Rick Amitin

Is the glass half full or half empty? is a popular expression, a proverbial phrase, often used rhetorically to indicate both pessimism or optimism and can be employed as a kind of litmus test to understand a person’s outlook. I tend to be optimistic and I get grumpy when events, or the environment, or personalities force me into pessimism. I don’t like negativity.

According to the DISC personality assessment, people generally see the world as friendly or unfriendly. We form our perceptions based on 3 dominant factors:

1. Genetics or heredity.

2. Role models up to age 12.

3. Life experiences after age 8.

Life events and how we experience the world will either reinforce or alter the early established path we are on.

When it comes to faith, an incorrect understanding of God is problematic in our individual lives, in how we engage in society and in how we interact with the world.

If God is omniscient, I believe He is, it helps to acknowledge that it’s not possible for human beings to know everything about God. However, some things are very knowable. For instance, God is Love. God is thinking about human beings and has good thoughts toward us. He’s not angry and isn’t sadistically looking for an opportunity to inflict pain and destruction on us.

Personal responsibility should not come as a surprise. Accountability should not appear as a foreign concept. All decisions have consequences. When dealing with the results of our decisions it’s not valid to think we are being dealt with by the hand of a tyrannical and displeased Deity. Principles guide the way the way things work. Jump from a rooftop, expect to hit the ground. Stick your hand in a fire, expect to get burned. When we ignore wisdom we suffer.


I was raised in the Pentecostal faith. We had lots of emotion and a lot of fear. Artificially induced fear. Synthetic and manufactured fear, mostly. Fear-based faith is unstable. It has negative side-effects. These side-effects can remain for extended periods of time, even indefinitely. Fear can lead to manipulation and abuse.

Spiritual abuse is a real thing. It can be hazardous to our health and well-being. Feelings of unworthiness often lead to shame. And a shame-based person is vulnerable to conformity. Made-made rules will often distract from gaining an understanding of deeper spiritual truths.

Science shows us the many adverse effects associated with fear. Multiple streams of dysfunction, phobias, and disorders flow from fear. Love, on the other hand, has the qualities of healing and restoration. Liberating us from perceptions of separation, isolation, and disconnectedness. Misplaced fear can be very tormenting.

Today’s world is a risky place and evokes many well-founded fears. From genetically modified foods to the threat of nuclear annihilation. From climate change to sex trafficking. Our synagogues and schools can be turned into mini mortuaries in mere seconds. American politics, designed to safeguard our individual rights has become a runaway locomotive threatening the well-being of an entire Country. Fear can capture the heart of a nation and drive its people into despair and hopelessness. But, faith can conquer many challenges, build insurmountable bridges, and make necessary course corrections.

Faith makes dread abandon its mission.

And faith is needed in the 21st Century.

We have much to do.

I’m pleased to be joined once again by my insightful Guest Co-Host, Tami Dempsey. Tami is an author and speaker. She has spent years dealing with her own B.S. (aka. belief system) and recognizing the pain caused by believing things that weren’t accurate. We are friends and have known each other for over forty years. Her honesty about her own struggles with religiosity makes her contributions invaluable.

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Rick published his first book, If Only I Had a Dad: Finding Freedom From Fatherlessness, a Memoir in December 2016. He has also published a Companion Workbook of the same title. Rick is currently working on a book of inspirational and thought-provoking poetry as well as his second book.

Rick is an Ordained Minister, traveled extensively as an Evangelist, and Pastored several churches before embarking on his journey as a Transformational Life Coach. As a Certified Behavioral Analyst, with the Institute of Motivational living, Rick believes determining why we do what we do is critical to effecting positive change in our individual lives.

Rick is in the final stages of developing an online training platform to accompany his live events, and one-on-one coaching sessions. Rick has attended countless seminars and training programs in personal development and has acquired an awareness of the deep disconnection brought on by a lack of understanding of the principles of compassion, empathy, and love. Rick is an optimist and believes strongly that the key to peace of mind, and a more peaceful world is found in personal responsibility.

Rick is highly visible on social media websites and engages with his community regularly. Rick is a consummate mentor accepting the mission of sharing his insights for living a rich, rewarding, and fulfilling life. Rick is an avid researcher and is committed to being a life-long learner. In an ever-changing world, Rick remains a lover of people.

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