TLBTV: Red Pill Hardcore – Talented Children of Grace-Kenya

With Special Guest - Humanitarian, Mr. Geoffrey Onyango

Red Pill Hardcore – Talented Children of Grace-Kenya – With Special Guest – Humanitarian, Mr. Geoffrey Onyango


Your Host: “V”

V was contacted by a hard working man, a truther, and more importantly a humanitarian. Mr Geoffrey Onyango from Kusumo Kenya is doing his best to provide education for 175 children, shelter and food for 50. This is not easy to do in a place where a corrupt puppet government of the NWO resides giving no help or setting any standards for its citizens.

On top of the scarcity of food and water caused by droughts (that used to come every 12 years but now every 2) from NWO CHEMTRAIL weather warfare. Warfare that’s designed to carry out this silent genocide by the racist elites wishing to choke out the population in order to continue to rape the resources of Africa for their own self serving purposes.

These children need a chance to change their fate. They need a chance to have the same bright future any average European child would and the opportunity to change their society and ultimately their world. Please show some compassion and not only be humanitarian but just be human and help these beautiful bright little children. If you don’t, and the corrupt elites decide that there is no room for you or your family in this world, then who would be left to help fight for you?

And now a word from Mr. Onyang …


My name is Geoffrey Onyango with the Talented Children of Grace in Kenya. I was hoping for just a few minutes of your time to share with you what it is we do here. We are not only an orphanage in Kenya for vulnerable children, we also have our own school. With our primary focus being raising the next generation in a manner that is able to survive in this competitive world., we are well aware of the need for a stronger education in order for our children to make a difference.

At any given time, we have over 175 children attending our school with over 50 of the children residing at our orphanage. It breaks my heart to say that due to a lack of funds, we are forced to prioritize which children we feel need our care the most. Because of this, many of the children in our school are forced to go without. We simply do not have the means to do as much as we wish.

Our establishment is rather new, not yet Three years old. The number of donations and contributions we are receiving have been increasing, but we are in desperate need of an organization to take us under their wing and help us both spiritually and financially. One of our teachers at the school has recently donated two acres of land for the building of a new school and a larger area for housing, both secluded from the many dangers in our area.

We are looking for friends,organization, individuals or teams that would be interested in planning a trip to help us with the building, as well as teaching our staff and volunteers how to better teach and prepare our children for the future, according to the ethical standard of the world.

We want to change this. We not only want to change the lives of our children. We want to make our community a better place to live by becoming independent from outside help. In order to accomplish this, we need to train the locals in our area. As well as our children, we want to educate the people here when it comes to making crafts and other goods that can be sold to improve our local economy. We want to learn how to farm and grow crops, so we are no longer required to spend money on food that could be spent on other needs. However, we need help getting started with all this.

While we have huge dreams here in Kenya, we need help putting them into action.  Kindly consider visiting us, sponsor a child or help us build classrooms, hygiene toilets, a library and a dormitory.

Thank you

Geoffrey Onyango
Talented Children Of Grace-Kenya. Kenya, East Africa.

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