TLBTV: Rebecca Sounds Reveille – Wake Up To – Fatherlessness

With Guest, Author & TLB's 'NEW' Assistant Media Director - Rick Amitin


TLB Media Directors Note:

This week I would like to share with you a broadcast from earlier this year. My guest for this show was author Rick Amitin. You will find much more information about Rick below the show. Rick is a prolific man who has broadened his passion and horizons to ensure his message is reaching the masses. He has created, developed, and produced a TV show, right here on (airing originally on The Liberty Beacon).

Rick has received many significant reviews from his broadcasts, without embellishment. His reviews are spot on in how influential and informative his shows are. Rick has been part of the TLB family and is continuing his show “Rick On Life” as he embarks on adding TLB Assistant Media Director to his repertoire.

There are exciting new developments coming within our project and the ideas and key insights Rick has will undoubtedly help facilitate, enhance, and bring much success to TLB. Thank you to YOU for helping bring Rick to this endeavor. It is you, our audience, who encourages and brings success with the hard work all involved in the project do. I ask you to welcome and encourage Rick as he reflects your voice.

So for all who may not know who our new Assistant Media Director: Rick Amitin is, or for those who wish to know more … we present the following …

Be sure to check out “Rick On Life” below todays show.


TLBTV: Rebecca Sounds Reveille – Wake Up To : Fatherlessness – With Guest, Author Rick Amitin

By TLB Project Media Director & Show Host: Rebecca L. Mahan

A powerful episode ensues as my guest and I discuss the pain around children who grow up without a father., Rick Amitin survived a heartbreaking relationship with his mom and three stepfathers, before he reached nine years old. At fifteen, he set out on his own to travel the world in search of his biological father… finding it impossible to live happily without one. One misguided decision and painful consequence after another, Rick made his way through the military and answered the calling to ministry.

Rick’s early life is an example of the emptiness, pain, and internal struggle a child often feels when a biological parent is not involved in their, more specifically the father. There are also questions a child has about why the parent is not involved and if it is their fault. Unfortunately, we rarely hear about how the children feel or even offer hope or a way to fill the void. We usually just see statistics of destructive behavior that has been displayed by children who don’t have a father in the home. How does that really help the child…or even motivate a couple to stay? Negative statistics does nothing but look at an end result rather than look at and offer prevention techniques to unite the family unit. Think about it. We teach all the basics we need to navigate through life less the most important one- healthy relationships.

Rick focused on lifting people’s spirits across the country and around the world while the wound of “fatherlessness” wreaked havoc on his relationships and other life pursuits, making him grapple with lack of identity and a sense of worth. It wasn’t until he was given the gift of being a grandfather to his grand-baby boy, who was dropped out of heaven and into his arms that was the catalyzed to his journey of healing. Rick gets real and opens his heart to the audience and describes how his life changed.

Rick Amitin is a Writer, Author of If Only I Had a Dad, Inspirational Speaker, Blogger, and Founder of He traveled extensively as an Evangelist, pastored for many years, and built a multi-million dollar insurance business in Los Angeles before embarking on the journey of personal transformation inspired by the life of his grandson. Rick is an Ordained Minister, a Certified Behavioral Analyst from The Institute for Motivational Living, Licensed Insurance Agent, and a Transformational Life Coach.

He is a lifelong student with several certifications, has attended numerous seminars in personal development, and is an avid reader and researcher. Rick is a former member of The Dallas Fort Worth Writers Workshop and the Writers Guild of Texas. He has been mentored by some of the leading voices of our time, Ford Taylor, Jack Canfield, Sanford G. Kulkin, and Kevin Knebl.

Rick’s raw-polish approach to sharing his story and hard-earned wisdom will help other fatherless men and women to:

• Identify the True Cause of All the Messy Dysfunction

• Discover the Power on the Other Side of the Pain

• Become the Parent They Never Knew They Could Be

If you have been searching for your father, wanting the pain to stop, If Only I Had a Dad is a must read along with watching this episode of Rebecca Sounds Reveille.

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