TLBTV: Rebecca Sounds Reveille – Wake Up! – Free Yourself from Pain & Sorrow of Your Past

With Guest - Author, Marsha Barth

Rebecca Sounds Reveille – Wake Up! – Free Yourself from Pain & Sorrow of Your Past with Guest – Author, Marsha Barth


By TLB Project Media Director & Show Host: Rebecca L. Mahan

There are three types of people no matter where we live in the world. Now doesn’t that sound like a harsh box to put us in? Three types? Aren’t we all different? Some are educated, some are more or less compassionate than others, cultures and subcultures broad the scope of character, and a color palette of more to paint the canvas of lives, all different and unique. Let’s delve though, to include all of those plus environments and experiences, and anything else you might want to incorporate that make up individuals. There is still three “types” in the context of which is expressed on this episode. Let me explain…

We are all exposed to life’s trials, tribulations, and traumas. From that, we have either let it affect us to a degree whereby we continue to live in it, never truly moving forward to get healthy. Essentially, we are stuck. A cycle of pain emerges repeatedly through life. We allow events that have happened to us make our hearts hardened and our decisions through life unhealthy.

Then there are those of us who have identified events that have caused us disdain and bitterness and have either started looking at how to turn the unhealthy issues stemming from it or have started applying strategies to overcome these painful obstacles so as to move to a healthier life. Here we desire or begin to pull ourselves out of the rut.

Or… there are those of us who have discovered how to overcome these adversities, along with the one’s that will someday come along, and move beyond them. Thus, allowing for a healthy, happy life supported through wisdom.

The question(s), however, is: How? How do we get out of the muck of past pain and sorrow, become wise, and move to a position of being healthy?

On this episode, guest Marsha Barth, an author, speaker, and advocate, and I, tackle this so you can be equipped with the insight and tools to move beyond past pain and sorrow. Marsha is author of The Shattering-A Child’s Innocence Betrayed and The Shattering II-Breaking the Silence, are her true stories of overcoming child sexual abuse. More than stories of victimization, they are stories of the power of love, the promise of hope, and the inspiration of knowing that what has happened in our lives does not define who we are.

Marsha has been an inspirational speaker for 20 years, has spoken at various retreats and conferences, family: spoken to college Criminology and Psychology students, University students, State Social Services programs involving advocates and foster parents, has talked personally to her current Pa. State Governor, and has been a guest speaker for PCAR (Pa. Coalition Against Rape) at their state event, speaking with State Representatives, the former Governor’s wife and other state leaders to bring awareness, prevention, and the importance of knowing the joy of overcoming–going from “Victim to Victor”. She as disc jockeyed on Christian radio and is actively involved in prison ministry (and has been for over 10 years). She has been a business woman by profession for over 26 years, where she ran the family business with her husband Mike in Pennsylvania. She is also the mother of two children, has seven grandsons, and a granddaughter.

The Shattering is more than a story of the atrocities of abuse. It is a book that enables the reader to become that child, understand the fear, shame, guilt and blame, and experience the joy that comes in the beauty of restoration and overcoming in victory. Marsha talks about these things, along with details from The Shattering II and how the significance from and impact of, for any of the three types of people out there will allow us to thrive.

No matter what part life we are in, or what type of people we are, we all can benefit from the insight revealed on this episode. Just one benefit is being equipped from a wise woman who empowers us to become healthy and gain wisdom… thus, answering the question,how?

A couple of quotes from Marsha

“For many years, I had lived under the cloud of darkness and silence. It seemed proper for my secrets to remain hidden and to let the past be forgotten. A heart that is locked over a period of time will surely die. As it ceases to feel pain, it will also cease to feel love.”

“Hope is tangible and breathes life and passion into every human soul that dares to reach out, grab it, and believe.”

A quote from Rebecca…

“Once you have been given the insight, the tools that empower change, you are then accountable for that change. There are no excuses for not moving forward. Yes, there will be setbacks, but we then must go back to our toolbox and remain steady in restoration. A key thing to remember is we are creatures of habit and pattern. We will, at times, go back to those habits and patterns, but… there is no failure… unless, by our own choice, we opt not to use the toolbox EVER again.”

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