TLBTV: Rebecca Sounds Reveille – Wake Up! – Brain Diet for Boosting Self Worth

With Guest - Author Francie Healey

Rebecca Sounds Reveille – Wake Up! – Brain Diet to Boost Self Worth – With Guest, Author Francie Healey


By TLB Media Director & RSR Show Host:  Rebecca L. Mahan

On this episode of Rebecca Sounds Reveille, like all episodes, the goal is to empower viewers to bring about positive change in their lives. Sometimes, conversation alone will motivate change and sometimes, it’s the conversation, along with a step, or set of tools to use that can be implemented immediately that will do it.

Over the years, I have worked with many people to help them overcome trauma. Often, when we think of trauma, we tend to think about ugly events that have happened by the doing or infliction of harm by another (whether intentional or not). Rarely, do we think about how we damage ourselves. How? Well, have you ever heard someone, or even yourself say, “I am my own worst critic!”

That statement speaks volumes… and that is how! It is how we talk to ourselves that either stagnates or regenerates our ability to move forward. Stop reading this for just 60 seconds, look in the mirror, and listen to the words or conversation going on in your mind. What did you hear? Was it positive? Was it negative? How did it make you feel? Whatever you heard will be the basis of action or inaction for change.

My guest, Francie Healey, who is author of, Eat to Beat Alzheimer’s, completed her undergraduate degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice, has a Master’s degree in Counseling, has clinical experiences in a psychiatric hospital, community mental health center, and a methadone clinic, and currently works with clients in these areas, wows! the audience with something specific she had discovered relating to our self talk.

I was fascinated at her journey and how much it coincided with how positive self talk in my journey with helping others changed lives for the better. What I found interesting, was that after working with hundreds of clients over the years, she discovered a direct correlation with self worth and what is being said in our head around the food that is being consumed. She shares exactly how to start lifting our self worth beginning with the next meal or snack.

Now, you might be thinking… by eating healthy- it’s a given that our brain will perform better. Yep, that is true. However, there is more to it than just saying to ourselves, “I think the apple is a better choice for me than the cookie.”

The real issue revolves around what we are saying to and about ourselves when it comes time to consume food. Francie delves into how what is being said directly correlates with a number of health issues, but more specifically, self worth. By reframing how we think, is sort of a diet for the brain that will boost self-worth.

There is so much more though that Francie is able to share with the audience on the show. Her goal is to help others dodge Alzheimer’s plus a whole lot more!

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… and you can also grab a copy of Francie’s first book, Eat to Beat Alzheimer’s, a manual for health and cooking.  It provides nutritional science and education to help readers become well-informed on the connection between the food they eat and how it affects their brain health now and in future years.

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