TLBTV: Rebecca Sounds Reveille – Wake Up! – Ancient Teachings & Traditions

With Special Guest - Native American Researcher & Friend, Luca Majno

Rebecca Sounds Reveille – Wake Up! – Ancient Teachings & Traditions – With Special Guest – Native American Researcher & Friend, Luca Majno


By TLB Media Director & RSR Show Host:  Rebecca L. Mahan

The United States is made up of a variety of backgrounds that came to America through various means, such as, Ellis Island. Often we forget about the Native Americans. While there are many cultures that make our nation great, we have come to exchange and incorporate a colored canvas of traditions and standard American teachings. There are many foods that are a staple of the American diet, music that we think that came from the U.S., and much more; however, when delving into the history of the things we eat, say, and do, we may find that those things were imported.

It is important to look back and history, our heritage, and that of others around us. We need to respect the diversity that unites us. A culture planted in our own soil is the Native Americans. They have traditions and teaching beyond what has been portrayed through Hollywood movies. These traditions and teachings are quite sacred and without an image of an Indian, we might assume a ritual is absurd.

On this episode, guest Luca Majno, who has in depth knowledge about Indian culture and has deep beliefs in them, shares some of the fascinating things that have not been watered down in today’s melting pot, but held sacred. For example, singing to corn, growing one’s hair to the ground, and living life like a feather. Even conflict resolution is different than how we have come to know.

He tells us what the fourteen tepee poles represent and how he is currently entrenched in the traditions and teachings of the Indian way. He also talks about how ego has changed historically from the hunter-gather mentally, where food was acquired for a means of eating, compared to how things are gathered in excess. Unfortunately, he has also seen how society’s values have steered even reservations to look at gaining more than just what is needed.

Overall the message is to maintain and instill the ancient customs within the children and culture to ensure their heritage remains.

This is something we all need to do as well. Learning our own roots and traditions, and just as importantly respecting those of others. These ancient ideals, if used properly can allow our nation to come together, instead of diving us through individualism and self-righteousness.

I challenge each of us this week to do three things:

1) learn something about your own heritage

2) learn something about the Native American traditions, such as, resolving conflict by walking away when we are mad and …

3) spend one day thinking about what you can do for someone else.

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About my Guest: Luca Majno is the Audio/Video Technical Director for The Liberty Beacon Project and Host of TLBTV’s Global News Update, was born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in Geneva, Switzerland for five years in the French language. For about the past 25-30 years he lived in Canada where his activism started. In 1995, after seeing the Apache Geronimo’s face on a portrait, he really started to question everything around him. As a recognized speaker, having conducted conferences in high schools, colleges and universities in Canada, and through his radio/video programs, along with mini-documentaries published on his Youtube channel, he has spoken on the following topics: Canadian and United States History (genocide/ethnic cleansing), The Concept of Race/Racism, The Role of Women, Bullying and Intimidation, Getting Back to Nature, The Pharmaceutical Industry vs. Natural Health, Chemtrails/Geo-engineering/De-Population Agenda, and The Pipeline Controversy.

Luca Majno is available for speaking engagements here in the United States and can be contacted directly or by clicking the email link on this page.

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Phone: (319) 795-4981


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