TLBTV: Rebecca Sounds Reveille – College Safety Tips for Campus & Dorms

Episode #6 of the '7 Series'

TLBTV: Rebecca Sounds Reveille – Wake Up to – College Safety Tips for Campus & Dorms – Episode #6 of the 7 Series


By TLB Media Director & RSR Show Host: Rebecca L. Mahan

Going to college is very exciting! Whether this is your first semester or you have gone before, college brings the air of opportunity! There is new friends, studies, groups, organizations, parties, events, and more. While classes are hard work, college can be a lot of fun!

Part 1: 7 College Safety Tips On Campus

The most important thing while attending college, be it community or university, is to stay safe. If the college you are attending is local, you may have a false sense of security. In all aspects, regardless of where you attend, safety is your number one concern.

Here are some safety tips for you to keep at the top of your list while you are in a new community:


  1. If you drive a car to campus, make sure you store your books and valuables out of sight or locked in the trunk of the car and always keep your car doors locked.

  2. Keep emergency contact address and phone numbers in the glove box of your car with your insurance and registration. Keep them also in your cell phone under the name ICE (In Case of Emergency).

  3. If you ride a bicycle, always lock the bicycle to an affixed structure or bicycle rack.

  4. Keep your backpack, cell phones, books, and valuables, in your view, this includes in the library- even if you have to use the bathroom. If you see an unattended backpack on campus, alert campus police.

  5. Whatever mode of transportation you take, park in a well lit area. Think ahead if your classes or activities are in the evening or going to extend into the darkness.

  6. If you have classes that are in isolated areas, such as a track, park as close to the area as you can and use the buddy system. Walk with at least one other person to and from class. Use campus police for escort services to and from classes in the dark or isolated areas if you do not have a buddy.

  7. Bathrooms- it may seem like a great idea to go to an obscure location to “go” in privacy, but bathrooms where there is little foot traffic around may not be the safest choice. Opt for a bathroom where there are people around.

Part 2: 7 College Safety Tips In the Dorms

Living in the dorm can be both fun, fun, fun, and awkward. Overtime roommates can be like family and everyone uses everyone else’s belongings. Sometimes though, boundaries can be lost because of this and the next thing ya know, people are using things without your permission and your personal property disappears. Not only that, but the comfort level of being in your new home and the assumption that everyone else is “cool” can leave the safety level all too low.

Here are a few tips to keep you safe while living in the dorms:

  1. Keep emergency contacts in your cell phone under the name ICE (In Case of Emergency) and also give them to your roommates.

  2. Keep valuables or documents in a locked safe or opt to get a safety deposit box at the nearest bank.

  3. Lock your dorm room when you are not inside and at night when you are sleeping. Yes, this includes when going down the hall to use a bathroom, if you don’t have one in your room.

  4. When using an elevator, keep your head up at look at the person entering. Stay near the elevator “keypad” so you can press the alarm button if someone tries to harm you. Do not use isolated stairwells, especially at night.

  5. Know where all fire escape, extinguishers, and alarms are. You can use these not only in the event of a fire but in the event you need to protect yourself.

  6. Keep and register with the campus police, the serial numbers to your electronics and bicycle (if you ride one).

  7. Watch for anyone who does not belong in the dorm. Note the description of the person and alert campus police. Even if you do not necessarily want campus police to contact the person, they can walk through the dorm and assess the situation to ensure everything is as it should be.

The above tips are some of the most prominent issues to be addressed, but not all of them. So the most important takeaway  is … always remember to …

Watch this highly informative presentation …

Parting shot …


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