TLBTV: Rebecca Sounds Reveille – 7 Tips for Travel Safety

Episode #8 of the 7 Series

Rebecca Sounds Reveille – 7 Tips for Travel Safety – Episode #8 of the 7 Series


By TLB Media Director & RSR Show Host: Rebecca L. Mahan

There are many things to think about when traveling. We tend to think about the destination and what we are going to do when we get there. What is there to do? What should we see? Where will we stay? How are we going to get there? The one thing that seems last on the list is personal safety. If you are practicing safety at home and within your current surroundings or have watched some of the other episodes of Rebecca Sounds Reveille, you can apply these things to your travels. You can also use those things to extend your safety thinking to a little bit more “out side the box” practices.

Your safety needs to be the first and foremost focal point of any destination you go to, whether five it’s miles or 5000 miles it does not matter. There are two modes of basic travel I will discuss here. First, traveling by car and second traveling by bus, air, or boat (let’s call that chauffeured travel).

When traveling by car there are a few things to think about. Are you riding solo or will there be others with you? No matter which you will want to have a few things ready to make you you arrive saftely at your destination:

1) Your digital navigation system

2) A current paper map

3) Pre-routed courses

By having a digital navigation system, you will be directed turn by turn how to get to where you are going and many now will also provide the speed limit changes as you are driving through each area. This is a big plus on long stretches and in areas where you may not see the posted sign for quite sometime. The downfall to this is that it does not leave room for escape, without going blindly. Unfortunately, the system may take you in circles or to areas that place you in an unsafe location. Another downfall is if the navigation system has not been updated and the road structure has changed.

Finally, there is also possibility of reaching a data limit on a cell phone navigation system and also the battery going dead while you are driving. By having a paper map, you have an instant visual of the route and can see alternative routes. If you take the time to view the paper map and highlight several different routes prior to embarking on your journey, this can be not only a time saver, but a life saver. One thing to think about while doing this is to look at points along the trip and see where you can change your route if necessary. Another is to see where landmarks such as police departments, fire departments, and emergency rooms are. A note here: many routes across the U.S. may only have a “volunteer” fire department. So, in the event you think you are being followed steer your wheels to the nearest police station or hospital.

Once you are on the road, keep your doors locked, remember to check your rear-view mirror every 3-5 seconds, and before you leave let someone know where you are headed. Let the person also know there may not be any cell phone service throughout your route, so agree upon a time to “check in.” While driving you may see the same vehicles on the road, especially log trips, as many people are also traveling. Take note of the cars, the license plates, and stay aware of who is in the vehicles. For example, if you see a car that seems to keep popping up where you are, with a solo occupant, take the extra time to look at them. Assess the person, the car, the surroundings, and anything else to help you determine if they are a potential threat, but in no sense eliminate anyone. Some of the nicest looking people can be dangerous.

When chauffeured traveling you are limited. You are directed onto the craft and may even have assigned seating. In this case, take note of:

1) Who is boarding and on the craft,

2) along with who you are seated next to.

3) Do not let your children sit next to someone not in your party.

4) Take note of any exits, where there is a travel attendant and think about what you will do in the event of an emergency

Apply these the chauffeured rules to other places you go such as restaurants as well.

By utilizing these safety tips along with the personal tips I have shared with you before, your adventure should turn out to be a safe and memorable one!!!


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