TLBTV: Mindful Messenger – Up-leveling Your Performance

With Guest Author, Speaker, Edutainer, etc..., De’Anna Nunez

Mindful Messenger – Up-leveling Your Performance – With Guest Author, Speaker, Edutainer, etc…, De’Anna Nunez


Your Host: Amanda Johnson

Most assume De’Anna’s expertise is putting people to sleep, but she contends it’s a tool for awakening. A seasoned Hypnotist and Speaker, she teaches mindset and how to break through psychological set-points and credits her messy childhood as the mosaic that has created her ambitions.

De’Anna has always been a working mom and values the entrepreneurial ability to involve her kids in her business for travel and life skill opportunities. Just recently, she completed her ninth successful contract speaking and edutaining Internationally for Norwegian Cruise Lines worldwide, and is the only female Hypnotist to contract with the US Marines for twenty years.

De’Anna is the published Author of Burn Your Fat Pants, a book about a group of women who set out to create healthy bodies by loving themselves more. Not surprisingly, her favorite hobby is running marathons, and she has completed over twenty-five. Remarkable for a girl that flunked P.E.

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About your Host: As a Message Strategist and Mindful Messenger Coach, Amanda Johnson helps aspiring speakers, authors, and coaches craft their message, expertise, and stories for maximum impact on their audience, their brand, and their bottom line.

In 2013, Amanda FINALLY wrote her own book Upside-Down Mommy…in less than 3 weeks…and published and made it an Amazon Bestseller in less than 2 months. In her book, she shares The Butterfly Approach philosophy responsible for her successes as a parent, wife, messenger, and coach.

Find out more about Amanda by getting to know her through this dynamic show Mindful Messenger, watching/reading Upside-Down Mommy, and exploring her highly informative  Website.

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