TLBTV: Mindful Messenger – Owning Your Story & Preventing Sexual Abuse

With Guest - Holistic Health Consultant, Author and Much More, Torey Ivanic

Mindful Messenger – Owning Your Story & Preventing Sexual Abuse – With Guest – Holistic Health Consultant, Author and Much More, Torey Ivanic


Torey Ivanic, founder of Open Space, is a Holistic Health Consultant, Mastermind Facilitator, and Author who helps change agents and catalysts live authentic, intentional, healthy lives with purpose and connection. She’s also a wife and mom who gets outside and plays in the Open Space as often as possible. Her unique experience as a physician assistant and homeopath compelled her to seek justice and prevent further abuse at the hands of her perpetrator.

Throughout her healing journey, Open Spaces have nourished and soothed her soul. Outdoor spaces such as mountains, oceans, or fields of flowers, and indoor spaces such as yoga studios, therapist’s office, writing retreats, and self-development programs, have worked together to enable and empower Torey to heal her body, mind, and soul.

The message of this book changed as she finished writing it. She thought her goal was to write it for her thirty-year-old self and help people who needed to heal from a similar trauma and its inevitable collateral damage and relationship. By the end, she knew she was also writing it for her children and future generations.

She wants to be a part of the upstream change—not just healing for the wounded, but prevention through a grassroots movement to teach parents and children the tools and skills they need to stay safe and healthy.

Torey resides in Golden, Colorado with her partner in life, Jay; her inspiration for living better every day, Otis and Emi; and their dog, cat, and three chickens.

Team Ivanic can be found adventuring in the Open Space on snow, rock, dirt, water, and ice whenever possible.


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