TLBTV: Lorana Writes the World – Authors vs Writers, a Defining Discussion

With TLB Project Founder & Writer - Roger Landry

Lorana Writes the World – Authors vs Writers, a Defining Discussion – With Guest, TLB Project Founder & Writer – Roger Landry


By Show Host: Lorana Hoopes

My guest today is Roger Landry, the Founder and Managing Director of The Liberty Beacon Project (TLB). TLB is a global online Independent News Network launched just over seven years ago consisting of about a dozen proprietary and a similar number of partnered websites, plus the fairly recently launched in-house TLBTV Network. The Mission of TLB is The Eradication of Programmed Ignorance (more on this in our discussion).

Roger started writing somewhat later in life than most, but has published in the vicinity of a thousand articles for multiple forums over the last decade. But does he consider himself a Writer … or an Author?

This is where our discussion comes in.

Some of Rogers thoughts and points of discussion in todays show:

What defines a Writer? Is it their concerns, their approach to facts, detailed and verified facts, that must be presented in a fashion and timeliness that attracts the interest of those who need to know in an ever changing and breaking news cycle?

What defines an Author? Is it their concerns, their approach to a story-line that must be consistent, flowing and tied together by so many small details of an unfolding story-line. The endless number of ‘what if’ scenarios that play out in developing a mind grabbing plot?

These two equally important methods of sharing fact based reality, or the infinite possibilities of fiction, stand in stark contrast to each other. Even though many find it hard to differentiate between the two … there are many obvious, and some rather subtle (but imposing) differences.

To say an author is a writer is in many cases true, but to say a writer is an author … in many cases may not be quite so true.

Watch as Roger (a published writer) and I (a published author) discuss the difficulties, the finer points, and the areas of crossover, of both outstanding professions.

Watch this great discussion …

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Happy reading, and we’ll see you next time here at TLBTV Presents “Lorana Writes the World!”


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