TLBTV: In The Crosshairs: Using Our Children To Take Our Guns!

With Guest - Retired NYC Police Officer, Michael Gilligan

TLBTV: In The Crosshairs: Using Our Children To Take Our Guns! – With Guest – Retired NYC Police Officer, Michael Gilligan

New York City retired police officer tells In the Crosshairs that family court is another way by which the government confiscates firearms from unsuspecting, law-abiding citizens.

“False allegations are out of control,” said Michael Gilligan, who is a retired NYPD officer. “It’s a dog and pony show.” Since he left his wife in 2007, he said he has been in and out of the family court system.

“Ignorance is the biggest killer here because we don’t know our rights, and we don’t know how to assert them in court,” he said. “This is a business, people are being used as a commodity.” Since 2013, the Suffolk County resident said his ex-spouse has been violating visitation orders and alienating his two sons against him.

“I’ve been the victim of false allegations, and the gun always come up,” said Gilligan. “In the NYPD, the first thing they do is take your guns.” He said an allegation made against him while on the job forced him into retirement without his weapons.

“I felt it was necessary for me to get off the police department; I had a high conflict ex-spouse that is willing to lie and create a problem for me.”

If the parent with a protection order against them has a firearm, he said it is more than likely that their firearms will be confiscated. “The courts are being used to take your firearms, especially in the domestic violence arena – there’s no doubt in my mind.”

“My son is 16 years old and he’s interested in guns. I want to be there to properly teach him responsibility,” said Gilligan. “The Second Amendment is huge, there is a tremendous responsibility on us to secure it.”


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If ever a true statement. You Psychos in our Court System violating AMERICANS RIGHTS UNDER COLOR OF LAW, BE ADVISED !!! … Michael Gilligan, NYPD Ret.


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Raquel is Director of Radio Programming at WINN World Integrity News Network. She also produces and hosts weekly blog talk radio programs: Rocky & The Gonz Podcast and Nightmare on CPS Street.

Raquel hails from New York City and is a Criminal Justice graduate from St. John’s University in Jamaica, Queens. She ran for NYC council in 2005 under the Conservative Party banner. She is founder and former organizer of Ulster/Orange Tea Party.

Currently, Raquel is Treasurer of the Reform Party of Florida. She is a volunteer with the statewide group “Why Dads Matter”, and resides in the Tampa Bay area with her husband and two children.

Raquel’s upcoming non-fiction book “The Progression of the New York SAFE Act” will be published soon.


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