TLBTV: In the Crosshairs – Let’s Talk History, Constitution & Environment

With Guest, Fla House Rep. Matthew H. Caldwell

In the Crosshairs – Let’s Talk History, Constitution & Environment – With Guest, Fla House Rep. Matthew H. Caldwell


Fla House Rep discusses American history, the Constitution, the environment, and how if elected to Agriculture Commissioner, he would bring respect and restoration to the Sunshine State.

The Second Amendment is unequivocal,” said Rep. Matthew “Matt” H. Caldwell, a 7th generation Florida native and state house rep since 2010. “We have the right to defend ourselves, and those rights comes from our Creator.”

The realization that our Creator gives us our rights, he said is the fundamental premise of the Declaration of the Constitution. “No king, no government, no politician gives our rights to us, they can’t take them away from us.”

He said anyone that understands history, accepts that the first three Amendments to the Constitution was a direct result of the conflict between the American colonists and the King of England, George III (1738-1820).

King George was preventing the colonists from speaking freely in the public square, he was preventing them from worshiping anywhere other than the approved church, and he was restricting their ability to own firearms and weapons.”

Caldwell, who is an avid sportsman, said the Third Amendment is a notable example as to why our freedoms do not carry exceptions. “The Third Amendment says you can’t be forced to have soldiers housed in your homes without your permission.” Today, he said Americans would never agree to a variance of the Third Amendment, nor should they agree to a variance of the First or Second Amendment.

Agriculture is an incredible responsibility,” said Caldwell, who is a 2018 GOP candidate for Fla Agriculture Commissioner. “We are totally unique from the rest of the country.” Forty-seven of the lower 48 states traditionally depend on Florida for all their food during the months of Jan. through April, he said. “Until the thaw happens north of us we are the only state who is growing food for the rest of the country.”

Caldwell, who has a Bachelor of Arts from Florida Gulf Coast University in History, said he is focused on long term strategies, such as quality water supply, better infrastructure, implementing Everglades restoration projects, and preserving our natural resources. “The responsibilities of the office are really diverse, and it handles the issues that I am passionate about.”


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Raquel is Director of Radio Programming at WINN World Integrity News Network. She also produces and hosts weekly blog talk radio programs: Rocky & The Gonz Podcast and Nightmare on CPS Street.

Raquel hails from New York City and is a Criminal Justice graduate from St. John’s University in Jamaica, Queens. She ran for NYC council in 2005 under the Conservative Party banner. She is founder and former organizer of Ulster/Orange Tea Party.

Currently, Raquel is Treasurer of the Reform Party of Florida. She is a volunteer with the statewide group “Why Dads Matter”, and resides in the Tampa Bay area with her husband and two children.

Raquel’s upcoming non-fiction book “The Progression of the New York SAFE Act” will be published soon.


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