TLBTV: In The Crosshairs – From Navy Seal … To Congress

With Guest, Navy Seal and Congressional Candidate - Dan Debono

TLBTV: In The Crosshairs – From Navy SEAL … To Congress – With Guest, Navy SEAL and Congressional Candidate – Dan Debono

GOP Candidate for U.S. Congress told In the Crosshairs that if elected in November he would advocate for job opportunities and economic growth for Long Island and the nation.

“I come from a family of public servants,” said Dan Debono, Candidate for U.S. Congress, New York District-3. Under failed leadership, he said young people are leaving Long Island because high paying jobs have disappeared. “I want Long Island to thrive.”

Debono, who is a Navy SEAL, discusses his 20-year military experience and economic expertise at top private financial institutions. “I am not a career politician.” While in the Navy, Debono’s colleague and friend, Lt. John Connors, who was a Navy SEAL, was killed in Action in Panama in December 1989. Debono said, “That inspired me to join the SEALS.”

Pointing out the flaws in his opponent’s campaign for congress, he said the incumbent is not friendly to business nor working-class families. “He cow-tows to special interests.” With respect to the Second Amendment, the Long Island native said his opponent is being disingenuous.

“He claims to be pro Second Amendment, yet he has aligned himself with this ‘March For Our Lives’ group, who want to take away our second amendment rights, there’s no doubt in my mind,” said Debono. “They talk in ambiguous terms, but at the end of the day they are seeking to remove Second Amendment rights from law abiding citizens and that’s not a vision I can agree with.”


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Raquel is Director of Radio Programming at WINN World Integrity News Network. She also produces and hosts weekly blog talk radio programs: Rocky & The Gonz Podcast and Nightmare on CPS Street.

Raquel hails from New York City and is a Criminal Justice graduate from St. John’s University in Jamaica, Queens. She ran for NYC council in 2005 under the Conservative Party banner. She is founder and former organizer of Ulster/Orange Tea Party.

Currently, Raquel is Treasurer of the Reform Party of Florida. She is a volunteer with the statewide group “Why Dads Matter”, and resides in the Tampa Bay area with her husband and two children.

Raquel’s upcoming non-fiction book “The Progression of the New York SAFE Act” will be published soon.


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