TLBTV: GLOBAL NEWS UPDATE – Zionist Protocols, Nukes & Valiant Thor

GLOBAL NEWS UPDATE – Zionist Protocols, Nukes & Valiant Thor


Show Hosts … Luca Majno & F. Gregory Ford

Welcome everyone to Episode #64 of GLOBAL NEWS UPDATE …

Welcome to DEJA-VU… as we go through yet again, another ‘shooting’, in a string of many, as we examine the ‘signatures’ of these fatal events, and what they mean for the general public, and what the agenda is… DISTRACTION… As we compare NYC to this latest one in Dallas…

THE HOUSE OF GOD is being attacked, where quite a bit of people are attending, narrow exits, emotional targets, especially… We also want to express our condolences to the families and loved ones for these crimes committed AGAINST them…

Today on SNAPSHOT:

• THE FOCUS: WAR. The MONEY involved, who PROFITS from it, and how they simply DO NOT CARE about the people… at all… We uncover proof of this on almost every show… Looking at HUNGER and what it would take to eliminate it worldwide…

• THE TOP TWENTY profiteers of ‘W A R’



• Gregory talks about how those ‘chemical weapons’ in the Middle East were NOT from there but were brought / sold there by AMERICA… The Bush Crime Family are responsible for those weapons being shipped there…

• NSA interferes as we keep going…

• The CIA was dealing with something called VALIANT THOR in the 60s, and Gregory needs to get this out, because according to him, it was very important and a huge part of the assassination of JFK… He urges all of us NOT TO BELIEVE US and to research this on your own. Warnings of the dangers of nuclear weapons are being totally ignored… as the game plays on.

• The Russia-North Korea-Trump connection: a pipeline and the ‘nine trillion dollars that went missing’…

• THE NUMBERS: JFK Jr. assassination / Bush-Clinton Mob


• That ol’ Latin phrase: “CUI PRODEST SCELUS, IS FECIT”


Watch this dynamic discussion …

Stay Tuned …


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Show Host Luca Majno is the TLB Project Media Technical Director, CO-Host of GLOBAL NEWS UPDATE, an investigative journalist, researcher and passionate advocate of Indigenous People (The Original People), of their ‘Turtle Island’ which is now North America. Born in Boston, Ma. and raised in Geneva, Switzerland, he has lived for the last 25 years in Canada, where his activism started, and has since lived in Tennessee and Keokuk, Iowa, where he now resides. Exposing past and present crimes of any nature is a sure way to change the course of humanity towards a brighter future.

Luca Majno is available for speaking engagements here in the United States and can be contacted directly or by clicking the email link on this page:


Phone: (319) 795-4981


FRANK GREGORY FORD is the TLB Promotional Director, CO-Host of GLOBAL NEWS UPDATE, and has experienced three decades in the military, he is credentialed as a counter intelligence non-commissioned officer assigned to Detachment 1, Company A, 223rd Military Intelligence Battalion of the California Army National Guard, under the active duty command of the 205th Compliant Military Intelligence Brigade. He was also a qualified U.S. Navy corpsman and U.S. Army medic. He is also the only American in the history of this country to take his own government to court for the torture he endured by his own, in Iraq.


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