TLBTV: Global News Update Presents – Learn 2 Unlearn

Global News Update Presents – Learn 2 Unlearn

Hosted by: Luca Majno

As we set about the business of informing you … keeping you up to date on the critical issues we all need to know about to keep us and out loved ones prepared and safe …

We welcome all of you once again for a brand new show, a new version of GLOBAL NEWS UPDATE, one that will include, as Roger Landry (founder and Managing Director of TLB) and Rebecca Mahan (Media Director of TLB)  will explain, another segment entitled …


Why LEARN 2 UNLEARN? The answer is simple. If we are to make any headway in this life, learning today to unlearn everything we have assimilated is paramount to understanding the scope of events unfolding…

LEARN 2 UNLEARN will promise to be a personal exploration, deep at the heart of the assimilation tactics used on us for centuries… Brainwashing, every day use of propaganda, daily assaults on our person and on our thoughts…

GLOBAL NEWS UPDATE will continue to tackle difficult subjects in the news and the ones that made the news what it is today, the bold and essential task of telling it like it is, truth unedited, as hard as it may be to accept, hence the next segment, LEARN 2 UNLEARN, so that we can avoid cognitive dissonance and other prison-dwelling labels flying around these days…

Welcome aboard!

Watch this informative presentation …

Stay Tuned to …


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Show Host Luca Majno is the TLB Project Media Technical Director, CO-Host of GLOBAL NEWS UPDATE, an investigative journalist, researcher and passionate advocate of Indigenous People (The Original People), of their ‘Turtle Island’ which is now North America. Born in Boston, Ma. and raised in Geneva, Switzerland, he has lived for the last 25 years in Canada, where his activism started, and has since lived in Tennessee and Keokuk, Iowa, where he now resides. Exposing past and present crimes of any nature is a sure way to change the course of humanity towards a brighter future.

Luca Majno is available for speaking engagements here in the United States and can be contacted directly or by clicking the email link on this page:


Phone: (319) 795-4981



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