TLBTV: (EPI) Town Crier – GMOs & The Arrogance of Those Who Would Play God

See the link to the entire article (GMOs: A Lesson In Sterility, Cancer, Organ Damage, Human Genetic Alteration, Genocide, etc…) and video series this show is based on below today’s presentation.

(EPI) Town Crier – GMOs & The Arrogance of Those Who Would Play God


By: Roger Landry (TLB)

GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are a nightmare and a serious threat to humanity! Congress and our government in total, continue to ignore our requests (demands) for research and investigations into the health risks of GMOs, even ignoring valid petitions with well over a million signatures, just to institute labeling requirements. WAIT … I thought they worked for us … ??? Meanwhile a growing number of nations (including countries like Peru, Russia, India, etc…) restrict or outright ban them as hazardous to their citizens health.

The Biotech Industries propaganda promoting GMOs has now reached a new level of absurdity by instituting a full-blown frontal attack on organic farming. I have NEVER seen more propagandized bull-crap relating to organic food in my entire life! The saddest part of this is that far too may of the uninitiated (ignorant of the facts) … will believe it !!!

Today farmers are forced to use patented GMO seeds to be competitive and not permitted to even save their own seeds for use, or are sold what are appropriately named “Terminator Seeds”! GMO based companies like Monsanto (now Bayer/Monsanto) even hire jack boots to enforce their patent and contractual requirements. But if a farmer speaks out on issues such as pigs going sterile, or into false labor while being fed GMO corn to the ruin of a farmers livelihood, they are threatened with huge law suits and prison time!

I have stated on many occasions that GMOs are a mechanism of an elite caste to cull the herd … to facilitate a reduction in global population to a more controllable number via a vital mechanism we have less control over with every passing day … our food. And who is that food controlled by … Those who would play God with humanity’s future, the purveyors of such mechanisms as GMOs, Vaccines, Fluoride, etc…. Please watch this video for a clearer and more full understanding of why I continue to make these claims.


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GMOs: A Lesson In Sterility, Cancer, Organ Damage, Human Genetic Alteration, Genocide, etc…


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