TLBTV: (EPI) Town Crier – From Freedom to Fear: The Baby Bush Legacy

Eradicating Programmed Ignorance – Town Crier – From Freedom to Fear: The Baby Bush Legacy


We open this show presenting the last eighteen years of Americas existence in the twenty first century. It is an understatement to describe this period as dynamic, trans-formative, or just plain jaw dropping. We have never witnessed such political upheaval or outright tyranny against We The People in the name of financial security, safety, or freedom … BULLSH*T! Is it fair to put all the blame on Obama … NO, and you will see why. This is the first in a three part series covering the presidents who have had so much influence on the major changes we are experiencing in america as we approach 2019.

The labels Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative, Progressive or NEOCON are simply tools to engage and divide the masses, to play us against one another and to keep us distracted while the true tyranny is perpetrated, hidden in plain sight. Even those who would claim these titles in leadership are but pawns in a game We The People are never to be permitted to win (or so they think).

So let us awaken and delve into the misdirection, hypocrisy and tyranny disguised as patriotism and the deceitfully false show of concern for the welfare of America, because to continue in ignorance sounds the death toll for this once great nation now in crisis.

To help demonstrate the validity of this argument let us examine George W. Bush. This modern-day politician will be seen in the history books future generations will read from, as a patriot. But if we examine his deeds, then reality is a shocking wake up call for those who have been lulled into these beliefs by the lies and misdirection’s of the puppet masters via their most powerful and effective propaganda tool … the mainstream media (MSM)!

A characterization (snapshot) of the Bush presidency.


Please watch this dynamic presentation …


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My Parting Shot …

If you truly believe G.W. was the mastermind behind any of what is presented above … Well take a look at the mental giant unencumbered by the pundits and the editing room … a puppet requires very little intelligence to simply follow the orders of its master.


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