TLBTV: (EPI) Town Crier – Baby-Boomers, Cancer & The Polio Vaccine

Eradicating Programmed Ignorance – Town Crier: Baby-Boomers, Cancer & The Polio Vaccine




Your host: Roger Landry (TLB

Continuing on from last weeks show focused on Vaccine dangers and lies, Today’s Town Crier is based on an article I wrote a little while back called CDC, Polio Vaccine, Cancer Risk & Millions of Dead Baby-Boomers.

Once more we delve into history to show the early foundation of the health tyranny we as Americans suffer today … tyranny, complicity, and greed that has caused the lifelong suffering and death we see accelerating right before our eyes. Why have we fallen from the healthiest to the most chronically ill society on this planet in just three short generations? What you are about to read has its roots in the beginnings of that time period (1955 – 1965), and the half-truths and outright lies were already deeply rooted in the mindset and actions of those we depend on to keep us safe and healthy.

Question: Do vaccines cause cancer?

Well Straight from the horses mouth, The CDC says it just may be so …

But after over 50 years they state more studies are needed (REALLY?).

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had posted (more on that below) on its own website the concern that as many as 30 million Americans could be at risk for cancer after receiving a Polio vaccination during the 1955 – 1963 time frame. This possibility exists because the vaccine in question was found to be contaminated with the SV40 virus. Most Americans received multiple doses of this vaccine that was administered to almost 100 million people.

It was stated that after the SV40 contamination discovery in 1960, any newly manufactured Polio vaccine was free of this virus by 1963 (although this virus has been detected in vaccines as late as 2000). No information is available as to exactly how much of the vaccine was tainted at the time, nor is there any information as to the controls put in place to insure all the tainted vaccine was effectively recalled.

Why did it take three years after the discovery of the contamination to reformulate the vaccine? Could the manufacturer suffering a huge loss be a factor? Was any of the existing stock utilized after the discovery? Was the infected vaccine supply destroyed, or sold off by the manufacturer to avoid a huge loss (this has happened before with a HIV contaminated vaccine that was sold abroad)?

With almost 100 million Americans (most receiving several doses) affected (and many Russians due to the vaccine trials in their country), the stated (CDC) 30 million possible infections seems understated or arbitrary at best.

Now consider that today aging baby boomers (just about the largest segment of our aging population), who would have been at the optimum age to have received Polio vaccinations during this time period (myself included) are experiencing the highest cancer rate of all age groups with some studies showing cancer rates as high as 1 in 3 individuals, drastically … insanely … catastrophically up from an estimated 1 in over 8,000 in the early to mid 1900’s! How much of this can be tied directly to SV40 contaminated vaccines?

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