TLBTV: (EPI) Town Crier – A Crisis of Fear – Liberty Can’t Exist in Shades of Gray

(EPI) Town Crier: A Crisis of Fear: Liberty Can’t Exist in Shades of Gray


Your Host: Roger Landry (TLB)

Welcome back to another episode of (EPI) Town Crier. Today I will present the intentional and institutional destruction of American Liberty because … it sure as hell ain’t what it used to be. And most of what we as a society suffer from today is as a direct result of programmed fear because …

To see the reality in this statement we need look no further than our own country. In the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, when I was a young boy the word terrorist had no real meaning other than a word in the dictionary. Today the mere mention of this word strikes fear into the hearts and minds of just about every American. Why, what has transformed this country from a self-assured strong-willed and confident nation, into a nation who sees terrorists behind every rock, and in the eyes of every Muslim regardless of their education or cast in life … ?

The answer to this question is FEAR, the tool of our (supposed) leaders and their masters, to be wielded against We The People to subjugate us in a slow but steady progression, in almost tolerable bites until we lose sight of what freedom or liberty actually means. Liberty is literally being redefined by those who would control us … in shades of gray


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Update: In the show I refer to a coupe in Libya in the 1950’s … I was actually referring to Iran.


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A Crisis of Fear: Liberty Can’t Exist in Shades of Gray


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