TLBTV: Cognitive Liberty – Unmasking the Horrors Within

With Guest - Monster Mask Sculptor, Jonathan Fuller

Cognitive Liberty – Unmasking the Horrors Within – With Special Guest – Monster Mask Sculptor, Jonathan Fuller


Presented By Your Host: Clyde Lewis

On today’s episode of Cognitive Liberty, I talk with monster mask sculptor, Jonathan Fuller. We talk about how our imagination and creativity is developed into various artistic expressions along with why some people find monsters fascinating and horrifying, at the same time.

Our imagination can conjure or manifest many things – some beautiful, and some scary. Through this duality of expression lies some of our deepest fears and desires. It’s a dichotomy of fascination and fright.

There are deeper channels within the brain that science and spirituality can unlock. When these channels are unlocked, human behavior changes dramatically and soon we start to perceive things differently. Ideologies or philosophies we once thought were immoral become normal or vice versa.

We begin to see art and literature reflect some of these attitudes. What we once termed Fortean anomaly, or the future of the damned has now become the norm. The irony is that what is certain is that which is uncertain, and that which is uncanny has now become a bizarre courting with the filth and irreverent things that come from the abyss. The nightmare we find ourselves in is a death pool that people are drowning in.

They are in awash in diabolical attitudes that when pressed are more than happy to take part in an execution of the innocent in the court of public opinion.

The images of violent murder that we see on television or in the movies create a sense of hysteria in the collective consciousness. It cripples our psychological well-being and leaves us open for suggestion.

Again, we can find such imagery compelling along with being revolting as the picture frames penetrate our primal nature.

It used to be that monsters came from the imaginations of those who create fairy tales. These tales of darkness have been watered down over the years. When the mother or father tells these stories or when children recall them they are seldom aware that the stories were once based in the occult. We now see them as harmless; however, you must know that they enforce timeless memes of treachery.

These archetypes are also evident with Jungian psychology. Werewolves, vampires, zombies, slenderman and other monsters of the mind have been haunting mankind for eons.

They remind us subliminally of an underworld where all things corrupt occasionally rise to the occasion and appear as reminders that there is more than just the world we see – there is an alternate reality or a shadow world where monsters too horrible to comprehend exist.

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A fan of B-horror and science-fiction movies, comic books and mythology, Lewis has also published his own fanzines and co-written scripts for television and radio. He appeared in the movies Nightfall, which he co-wrote with director Kevin Delullo; Cage in Box Elder; and Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger Part IV, in which he provided the voice of the title character.

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