TLBTV: CannaTalk – The Simplicity Of Being Right

CannaTalk (Episode #14) – The Simplicity Of Being Right – A Great Discussion with Daniel Louis Crumpton & Chuck Ochelli


CannaSense Editor: You have not heard much from CannaSense or CannaTalk over the last few weeks. This is because we are making preparations to spring back to life and have been working diligently preparing to provide you with the patient care and services you used to expect from us, and will be able to again (soon). More on this to come shortly. 

On this episode of CannaTalk we are going to veer off the beaten path a little and discuss a couple issues of vital importance to all of us such as, do we have a Constitutional Republic, does this government work for us, etc… Also discussed is the political and economic shenanigans (corruption) that keep you and I conveniently and effectively subjugated. It is incumbent on us who partake in this struggle to be aware of what we truly face both politically and legally … It is incumbent on us to be RIGHT.

So let’s set the stage with some pertinent questions …

Are we citizens of a Constitutional Republic?

Is the purpose of this government focused on the happiness and well being of We The People?

Is our ability to treat our own bodies as we see fit, for both recreational and medical purposes being infringed upon?

Why is Cannabis, one of the most medically beneficial plants ever discovered, illegal?

Why if I (a non-elite) am found with a marijuana joint, can I spend as much as ten years in a for profit prison, while a celebrity or a lawmaker (or their family) commits vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and gets a slap on the wrist … or some community service?

When a government can decide your political status, health status, and physical status, to the detriment of you and I … but to the benefit of major corporations and global NGOs … the America we were taught to love and respect … is on life support!


Watch this great discussion with Daniel Louis Crumpton and Chuck Ochelli …


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Parting shot …


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